Compare Medicare Advantage Plans

People of 65 age mostly qualified for Medicare options. These options are of different types, and people prepare for that one suitable option and within their reach. Those options are Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan F, and Medigap Plan. Plan C is known as Medicare Advantage, and it continues with Original Medicare or gets supplement plans.

But are you facing a blunder of Medicare Mail or telemarketing calls about it?

If you are new to choose the Medicare options and selected Medicare Advantage Plans as your health insurance, you will be aware of its benefits as the people are not aware of its services sometimes. Many people get calls that confuse them, which certainly doesn’t help you choose the best Medicare Plan for yourself. People must get counseling to select the best option from all this coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plan is one of the options from all Medicare options, which is Plan C.

If we Compare Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Supplement Plan, you must understand them. These two don’t work together. That’s why a person cannot qualify for them both at the same time. A Person must choose one of them. 

Medigap is also known as Medicare Supplements, and it pays after Medicare first pays its share. Your health care provider gives you treatment and then bills Medicare. Medigap’s procedure is simple; it pays first for the service after approval, then sends the rest of your bill to your Medigap Company to pay its share. It means Medigap Plan must also pay its percentage of deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. In short, Medigap is the freedom of access; it has no networks and no referrals necessary. It has a higher premium to pay and fewer copays. 

While Medicare Advantage Plan has lower Premiums to pay, copays as you go along. Its copays are very predictable. Medicare Advantage Plans were introduced in the late 90s as part of the Balanced Budget Act. It’s the coverage that you can enroll in to get your benefits from a private insurance company instead of from Original Medicare. If you see the Original Medicare process, it is the same as the Medicare Advantage Plan. Both cover the same Part A and B services. People who get benefits from Medicare are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. 

Medicare Advantage Plan has Networks of providers. These are HMO and PPO. 

Medicare HMO plan seems to have the highest enrollment numbers. Within these plans, you will probably have full coverage within the network. There is no coverage outside the system except in emergencies. HMO plans also have primary care providers, and you may have to get a referral from them to see a specialist. 

Medicare PPO plans have a bit more flexibility as you can treat outside the network, usually at a higher cost, and if out of the network provider is willing to bill the plan. You can buy Medicare Advantage Plan that has a built-in Part D drug plan, which allows you to get your Medicare Part A, B, and D services from the same insurance company using one ID card for all three services. 

The third Premium for Medicare Advantage Plans is often lower than Medigap plans. In some areas, you can find the zero-premium of Medicare Advantage Plans. But it must continue to pay Plan B throughout your life. Medicare pays the insurance plan to take on your risk. 

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