Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Your Tanzanite Jewelry


Most people are impulsive shoppers and hence, as a result, miss out on certain key things while buying. Although if you are buying from reputed jewelry stores, then in all probability, you will get a good deal and do not need to fine comb through the technicalities. But specific details are not the seller’s fault; instead, it’s upon an individual’s choice that they made a mistake.

For example- suppose your skin tone is warm and you bought a Strontium Titanate stud earring, then it will indeed not look good on your skin. There are many other aspects you need to keep in mind before buying any kind of jewelry, especially Tanzanite since there are now a lot more varieties of Tanzanite available. Some are mined from the Group D mines, while others form Group A through C. 

Here They Are: 

1. Understand Deeply The Different Materials: In stores, you will find many different chain materials for Tanzanite gemstone like white gold, sterling silver, and others. However, these are all different and are meant for different usages. 

Also, try to understand the difference between gold plated and actual gold since both are two different things and vary in prices by a wide margin.

Certain metal jewelry items like brass or nickel, and others that some sellers pair a Tanzanite gemstone with, and many people buy such cheap Tanzanite pendants too. But you should know one thing Tanzanite is a rare stone, and nickel or brass is not an expensive chain material hence they can, over a more extended period, wear down and may even turn your skin black or green, and some women may even be allergic towards them too.

Thinly plated Tanzanite jewelry items may also quickly wear through to the base metal beneath. Hence that is something you should enquire about while purchasing any Tanzanite or other jewelry item.

2. Accessories Are There For Being Creative: Most women, while purchasing accessories forget to be creative about it; instead, they buy accessories which goes along best with their current jewelry item. 

For example- you can try experimenting in front of a mirror with different outfits and try out different jewelry items, then mix it up to check the difference in the look. Tanzanite earrings studs may look best with a Lapis lazuli necklace or Sapphire necklace since both are medium to dark in color. 

Be as creative as possible with combinations and make notes of what works for you so you’ll remember to mix it up as you’re getting dressed for work or different occasions.

Also, try to note all the different accessories or jewelry items that you have tried to extend your wardrobe. Making the right investment in Tanzanite jewelry and supporting accessories can add great creativity and versatility to your wardrobe for years to come.

3. Properly Cleaning: Although a Tanzanite jewelry item is almost as hard as a diamond, sometimes it needs to be cleaned thoroughly rather than just going over it. You need to properly invest in a high-quality, higher-thread count microfiber cloth.

Some people clean their jewelry items with toothpaste, but you should refrain from doing so in case of Tanzanite because it’s abrasive and corrosive. So your favorite Tanzanite rings or necklace will become less valuable and, over time, be broken. The same principles apply if you are using baking soda too.

Also, do not use any kind of alcohol, including rubbing alcohol, with Tanzanite items of jewelry since it can very well be destroyed if you use this.

4. Properly Storing It: Most women commit this mistake of keeping most of their jewelry items in the same place as their other jewelry items. Investing in a good quality jewelry box might be a good idea if you have many other jewelry items.

Also, another good idea might be to store your Tanzanite bracelets necklaces, earrings, rings or other jewelry items in a place where there is little to no humidity. Sterling Silver Tanzanite jewelry will significantly tarnish faster in humid places like near bathrooms or the sea, hence you need to properly clean it every time you visit a humid area like the beach.

Another thing which you should note is that precious gemstone jewelry items like Tanzanite should be kept away from freely flowing air since these gemstones tend to get more dirty and grimy than other stone jewelry items. Hence, try to wear them occasionally, clean them, and pack them up in a good jewelry box.


Use the above guide to keep in mind certain safeguards and tips for your overall jewelry safekeeping, especially Tanzanite.

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