Coloring: a creative and free time activity for children

Some extracurricular activities are necessary for the proper prepping of children for their future life. These activities play an important role in their grooming and developing creative skills which can greatly help them in their future life. Moreover , such kind of activities help relieve stress and boredom of routine activities.

Some activities which most the children like to do in their free time include cycling , sports , hiking and so on. While some of the children love to do creative activities like painting , drawing and coloring. Here we will talk about coloring.

Coloring :

Children love to do coloring in their free time. For this purpose most of the time they use coloring books and pages. They show more interest in paintings ,drawings and pictures as compared to their education and learning process by text books.

Thus coloring page ,books and such other things can be used for their better learning process. On the same time such activities refresh their mind which is also a plus point. Children can do such activities for their refreshment and with more interest.

 So different kinds of coloring stuff are available in the market for children. Here are some examples

Christmas coloring pages:

Christmas coloring pages are available in great variety which children can use. These pages include pictures of

-Christmas mandalas          


  -Christmas trees

-Santa Claus


-Christmas wreath

-Christmas angel

-Christmas animals

-Christmas lights

-Christmas gifts

Along with the above mentioned ideas many others are also available. Children love to color these beautiful Christmas coloring pages with passion and happiness.

So , if you want your child to do some creative and good activities in his/her free time , Christmas coloring pages would be a great option for this purpose. Instead of wasting time on tv and other useless activities , your child will develop interests in such kind of activities which will definitely help his skills. His mind will become more creative and better working with the help of such a good activity of coloring pages.

Paw patrol Coloring pages:

Children show comparatively more interest towards anything related to cartoons and such other entertainment means. So it would be a great idea to provide them with paw patrol coloring pages.

Paw patrol coloring pages include several favorite characters of the children featuring this cartoon serial. The main character of this cartoon serial is Ryder having some other partner dogs. They mainly work by helping community in case of any problem they face. They are often informed about the problem by receiving a call or by eye witnessing.

Each character has some special abilities. Children love to watch these characters working. These characters include

-Ryder a ten years old boy.

-Marshal a fire fighter.

-Rubble a dog who works on construction.

-Chase a spy and police dog.




Similarly children may also love some other types of pages for coloring like



-Transport vehicles








You can save your children’s time by engaging them in activities like coloring pages. Thus they are less likely to adopt the bad and addictive habits like video gaming and screen addiction.

So we can say that you can redirect and influence their interests towards healthy and creative activities. The best way to do this is through engaging them in their fields of interests.

 If your child has interest in cartoons , you can ask him to use coloring pages related to cartoons and so on.

Thus you can make them do some creative and productive activities instead of wasting their time.

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