Choosing the right doctor for your hair transplant

The hair transplant is getting common with each passing day. Individuals from all over the globe benefit from various transplantation techniques and there are some remarkable doctors, such as Dr. Yetkin Bayer, who are serving people from all over the world. They have worked on the transplantation techniques and introduced certain methods that will help you in getting the best results with little pain and in less time. However, some people commit the mistake of choosing the wrong doctor and consequently they are seen regretting on their decision. So, here are some tips for you as you consider your hair transplant doctor.

Qualification, experience, and license

First of all we have qualification and experience. We need to take a look at any doctor and see whether they are qualified enough for the job or not. Generally, the doctors come with appropriate degree and right work experience in the field. If the person is not qualified, or do not possess the license for the job, never opt to get the job done from him. If you do so, you may end up in some serious trouble.

Reputation matters

Next up is the reputation of the doctor. You will find several qualified and experienced doctors all over the globe. But when it comes to reputation and success rate, only a few will be able to show you something as per your expectations. Do check for the patient reviews and see whether they were able to achieve the desired results from surgery before opting for the treatment.

Methods of transplantation

There are several different methods of transplantation and before you go for any of them make sure that you have appropriate knowledge about it. Some of them are common such as FUE and FUT while some doctors, like Dr Yetkin Bayer, have worked on their own methods. Therefore, you need to see the surgery method and if it is something uncommon then do not hesitate in asking questions about it. Satisfy yourself completely before proceeding with the treatment. Do see if the patients are satisfied with the method of the surgeon.

Guarantees (if any)

There are doctors that would guarantee you that the method will work and you will be able to get your hair back. Then there are individuals who would never give any guarantee to you. Try and see if you can find any assurance that the method will work for you and you will be able to look as you wish to. There are some individuals that would compensate if the results are not as desired by the patients.

Convenience and after surgery consultation

Convenience and after surgery consultation are some of the most critical elements that people miss when choosing the surgical expert. One should make sure that it is easy for him or her to reach out to the doctor and contact him if something goes wrong. Moreover, the doctor must provide complete after surgery support to the patients and should keep check at them until the hair start to progress. 

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