Check This Cheap Cloud Hosting if You are Tight on Budget

Amidst the scorching competition and brutal pressure to deliver the best performance and excellent levels of user experience, the businesses want highly reliable, scalable, and resource-rich hosting solutions. The dedicated server hosting solutions, undoubtedly, help your website deliver the best possible performance.

Unfortunately, the costs associated with dedicated server hosting are enormously high for a budding enterprise and individual bloggers. Luckily, the Cloud hosting solutions from excellent hosting companies like MDDHosting can help you figure out the perfect blend of cost-effective and resource-rich hosting solutions.

The hosting solutions from MDDHosting enable your website to deliver the performance next to that of a dedicated server hosting but at a considerably lower cost.

Scroll down to know more about MDDHosting features, plans, and prices.

MDDHosting Features

●  Budget-friendly: As you would expect from any Cloud hosting solution provider, MDDHosting gives you excellent price options. Their Cloud hosting plans are available from $5.99 per month and give you the liberty to create your server with the operating system and resources of your choice. On top of that, you have root access to your server.

●  Customizable storage: MDDHosting gives you the freedom to select your preferred storage between SSD and NVMe for your website. If it’s the speed you seek, NVMe storage will be an excellent choice for you. But if you want ample storage space, then you must go for SSD storage. And if you want a blend of both, go for SSD storage and purchase NVMe storage expansion as an add-on.

●  Impressive Bandwidth: With each VPS, you get an excellent bandwidth of 32TB! Not just that, they also ensure connection speed between 200 Mbit/sec and 1 Gbit/ Sec. And the significant part is that MDDHosting doesn’t charge you even a single extra penny for extra incoming bandwidth usage. That is, you get unlimited incoming traffic.

●  Instant provisioning: MDDHosting claims to provision hundreds of virtual private servers each day with an excellent provisioning time of less than 20 minutes. To enjoy quick provisioning, all you have to do is pay for your purchase with a credit card. It doesn’t wait for payment confirmation for credit card payments and provisions your cloud server right away.

●  NVMe Drives: It uses Gen 4 PCIe NVMe drives to ensure that your cloud delivers ten times better performance than an ordinary server. Besides, if you find the NVMe storage insufficient for your website, you can purchase additional NVMe storage for a few extra bucks or change your storage to SSD.

●  Excellent availability: MDDHosting ensures excellent global availability for your website with its data centers in Asia, Europe and the US.

●  Choose your OS & Control Panel: You can choose your preferred control panel. MDDHosting also offers you multiple OS choices. You can select from Archlinux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD, AlmaLinux, and RockyLinux.


Made in cooperation with top brands like Dell, HP, AMD, and Samsung, MDDHosting makes an excellent choice for a reliable and affordable Cloud hosting provider.You can read this MDDHosting review to know more about the platform’s features and plans and have a detailed insight into their services.

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