Centricity EMR and its Top Alternatives

About Centricity EMR

To manage the digital health records of more extensive medical practices, GE Centricity EHR was created. The system can be seamlessly integrated with revenue cycle management and practice management software to carry out multiple tasks at once. Healthcare professionals have access to a variety of comprehensive options through the Centricity EMR software, which can help them work more productively. Centricity medical records are helpful for many clinics and hospitals around the world.

Numerous features in the software assist healthcare professionals in streamlining their work processes. E-prescribing, health records management, claims, billing, client registration, accounting dashboard, medical quality reporting, personalized templates, dictation, etc., are some of the top features. It is an electronic health record system designed for larger physician practices and a GE Healthcare offering.

Centricity EMR Alternatives

DrChrono EMR

Modernizing patient care and increasing practice effectiveness are both goals of DrChrono’s All-in-One integrated electronic health record and medical billing software. The EHR software supports 16 specialties, is EPCS, HIPAA, and I-STOP compliant, and is suitable for practices of all sizes, from small to large. It also includes pre-made specialty-based templates and forms that can be customized, eRx with EPCS, the ability to submit lab orders to more than 40k labs, clever shortcuts, and mobile interoperability.

The first company to create an iPad and iPhone mobile app was DrChrono EMR Software. Mobility has been a critical area of focus for this company from the beginning. Furthermore, it takes great pride in being the sole authorized Apple Mobility Partner in the healthcare industry. It has therefore been the top-ranked mobile EHR (Black Book).

Meditech Expanse EHR

A wide range of medical practices and health specialty practices are served by Meditech EMR software. Because of its exceptional adaptability and flexibility, it is the go-to vendor for health settings with particular requirements like nursing, home care, behavioral health, long-term care, and critical care. As it outperforms its rivals, Cerner and Epic, on metrics like interoperability, it is also well-liked by large group practices and hospitals.

The software Meditech Expanse was not just created with practice management in mind. Connecting all stakeholders—including patients, social services, community resources, and others—will improve population health management. To perform tasks like viewing patient records or even managing prescriptions, the platform can be retrieved via a mobile device. Additionally, patients can schedule appointments, view test results, or access their files online. Improved patient care results from all of these features.


For a few specialties, WebPT EMR & Billing Software offers a comprehensive program. Initially developed as sports medicine software, it now benefits a variety of health care specialists, including those who work in speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and pediatric therapy. It is applicable to all practice sizes and environments for these niches. Analytics, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and billing are all included in the list of services. You get a scheduling system as part of the complete package. Billing compliance is given a lot of attention, so claims are checked for accuracy right away.

Additionally, WebPT EMR Software offers a Marketplace function where products required for these practices can be bought at cost-effective prices. The software enables users to drastically cut down on the time needed to bill insurance. Users can quickly and easily submit electronic claims to numerous compatible insurance companies. It is a good option for a variety of therapy practices, including those run by psychologists, speech-language pathologists, nutrition experts, social workers, and mental and behavioral health specialists.

Practice Fusion EMR

Practice Fusion EMR is the most popular cloud-based platform for ambulatory electronic health records in the US; Allscripts company founded it in 2005. It collaborates with some of the top providers of medical billing software, including AdvancedMD and Kareo, to offer its clients a seamless clinical and billing experience.

Practice Fusion reviews claim that it helps medical facilities increase productivity, profitability, and efficiency while treating more than 5 million patients each month. The solution meets the requirements of numerous specialty practices. Internal medicine, dermatology, physical therapy, mental health, and cardiology are all included. Furthermore, during patient encounters and routine rounds, users of their iPad app have complete access to appointments, records, and charting.

Allscripts EMR

For the past 30 years, Allscripts EMR software has been in operation. Four nations, namely the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, share the software. 333,188 doctors and 2,340 hospitals are satisfied and connected by the company’s over 7000 employees. More than 16 million people use Allscripts FollowMyHealth in addition to its client engagement portal. The program is approved by the ONC-ATCB and works with Allscripts’ Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) products and services.

Depending on the size of the practice and the complexity of the practice workflows, the software system gives two distinct EHR platforms. Intuitive daily planners, client portals, voice commands, E/M coding, documenting, and mobile apps are all included on both platforms, which is the best part. Allscripts has recently purchased Practice Fusion and the Mckesson Hospital Health IT system.

Kareo EHR

Over 13 years have passed since the establishment of Kareo EHR. The solution was created with the specific needs of small, independent practices in mind. It stays away from the intricate, time-consuming, and expensive functionality found in hospitals or large clinics. Electronic health records, practice management, brand building, telemedicine, patient communication, billing software, and analytics are all included in the cloud-based clinical platform known as Kareo EHR Software. Recently, Health Prime International purchased billing services from the company. After this change, the software will use its 1500+ billing partners to offer revenue cycle management services to its clients rather than doing it on its own. During the first half of 2018, the vendor introduced Kareo Engage & Analytics, an end-to-end solution offering sophisticated client management/communications and invoicing intelligence across multiple practices, respectively.

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