Cell Phone Manners: Showing Courtesy to Others

Cell Phone Etiquette

There are certain manners that you need to have when it comes to using your cell phone. It was not that long ago that no one had a cell phone on their person at all times. Nowadays, most people keep their cell phone in their pocket or within arm’s reach at all times. This means that with new technology advancements there have also developed new etiquette rules for using your cell phone. Here are four cell phone manners that you need to keep in mind in order to show courtesy to others around you.

#4: Turn Off Your Cell Phone at the Movies

When you go to the movies or a concert, you need to turn your cell phone to silent or vibrate. You shouldn’t be just using your phone to check the news or the Boingo stock forecast. It is absolutely unacceptable for your cell phone to go off ringing when someone is performing a live concert or during a movie. The movie theater clearly encourages individuals to turn off their cell phones during the movie and there is no reason why you should not heed that advice. If for some reason you need to have your cell phone on during the movie or concert, all you have to do is turn it to vibrate in order to keep the alert to yourself.

#3: Take the Call Outside

If you are at a public event, such as a business meeting or party, you need to make all cell phone calls outside of the socializing area. You should not answer your cell phone while you are in a group of people at a party. If you need to pick up your phone while you are at a party, you need to walk outside and conduct the phone call away from others’ earshot. This is common courtesy because not everybody is interested in hearing what you and the other person on the end of the line have to say.

If you are at a business meeting and an emergency cell phone call comes in, politely excuse yourself and leave the room. Walk far enough away from the room that when you talk on your phone it is not audible for those who are still inside of the room. It is understandable that sometimes there are emergency situations where you have to take a phone call. But, no matter what you should take this phone call outside or outside of the room that the larger group of people is in. This applies to social situations.

#2: Texting

Just as you should not take a phone call will you are actually in a room full of people, you should also not text when you are in a room full of people. You should leave the room in order to send text messages. You should also make sure that your phone is set so that the text message alerts a vibration rather than an audible noise. This is so that you do not bother others, but you still are aware that the text message has come in.

It is not polite to text when you are at a party, in a business meeting, or at a movie. You should step outside in order to send the text message and also in order to actually type it up. If you are expecting someone to text you back promptly, you should step outside and wait for them to text you back. You should not exit and reenter the room each time a text message comes in or is received.

#1: Save the Phone for Emergencies

The phone should really be reserved for emergencies. If you need to have a leisurely conversation over the phone, then you need to plan out that conversation in advance for a time when you are not in a social situation. This means that you should budget out this time and plan the conversation on a schedule. This will make it so that your phone conversations do not interrupt your work life or other social life.

This means that any calls that should happen during your work life would be emergencies. You should only answer your phone at work if it is an absolute emergency and your family or close friends need to reach you. This is the only reason why you should step outside and answer the phone.

Having a cell phone is a modern convenience. It is good to use common sense and good manners when around others, however. 

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