Career Women: 5 Creative Ways to Change your Look

If you are a career woman with a hectic lifestyle, it can be a challenge to keep looking good; working with the same people day in, day out means it is easy to repeat the same look, which is boring. No woman wants to open her wardrobe and wonder what to wear to work, so we stick to 3-4 combinations of skirts and tops, but after a while, we are predictable to our colleagues. 

Here are a few creative ways that you can change your look.

  1. Hair Extensions – Imagine how your work colleagues would react when you turn up with long hair! Search online for medium brown real hair extensions and clip-ins give you the option of long or short. A ponytail extension is another way that you can turn heads at the office and the retailer can match your hair colour. Wear it on alternative days and see who notices (everyone will).
  2. Luxury Vintage Watch – If you don’t own a Rolex, now is the time to start looking at luxury vintage watches; a gold Rolex adds style and elegance, which is perfect for those important business meetings. The online antique dealer is the place to source genuine vintage watches and if you take good care of the timepiece, it is a long-term investment. This is one accessory that is useful, making sure you’re always on time. Click here for details on indoor air quality, which is something we all need to consider.
  3. Highlights – Clip-in Remy hair extensions allow you to choose a colour and length; a single weft is all it takes and with half a dozen extensions, you can mix and match with your outfits. This might need to be subtle in a formal business environment; only you know what is ‘acceptable’.
  4. Art Deco Jewellery – Accessorise your formal business look with vintage Art Deco jewellery; bold geometric designs with a splash of rich colour will complement your suit. There might be other styles you prefer and there’s nothing wrong with experimenting; spend a couple of hours going through your jewellery collection and you might find the right pieces.
  5. Tanning salon – Why not spend a few hours in the tanning salon and sport a healthy glow; either that or take a 2-week holiday in Thailand and top up the summer tan.

Take a look at the many online fashion magazines for some more inspiration and it doesn’t take much to spice up your working attire.

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