Car Accident Attorney – Why You Need One

What is a car accident attorney? A car accident attorney is a legal practitioner who offers legal services to individuals who claim to have recently been injured, either physically or mentally, as the result of another individual’s, organization, business or government agency’s negligence. Many personal injury attorneys specialize in a particular area of the law called tort law. For example, there are accident lawyers who exclusively handle automobile accidents and there are those who only handle motorcycle or truck accidents. The latter is known as multiservice litigation.

An attorney can represent anyone who has been injured in a car accident whether or not they can sue on their own. If an attorney is hired to help you recover your losses, he will first assess the extent of your injuries and losses and obtain proof that you have sustained injuries and lost wages as the result of the auto accident. He will also gather witnesses for your defense who can corroborate your story and provide a true account of what happened. I am from Atlanta, We can easily search online for a reputed Atlanta car accident attorney when we need one.

Plea Bargain

After assessing the case, the attorney will draw up a plea bargain. Sometime called a ‘plea bargain,’ the bargain will offer the client a reduced settlement if he agrees to take less than the amount the jury would have jurors decide upon. In exchange, the client will not ask for a trial. The plea bargain verdict is often much smaller than the verdict the jury might have delivered.

Fair Trial

To obtain a fair trial, many victims opt to ‘negotiate’ with their insurance companies. There are also private, personal injury attorneys who offer their legal expertise to accident victims directly. These attorneys generally work on a contingent basis. They receive a percentage of the settlement money. However, most personal injury attorneys will charge a percentage of any settlement received, whether they win or lose the case.

If the victim is hit by another vehicle during the accident, the victim’s medical bills can quickly mount up. If no medical bills are paid, the family of the deceased may have to suffer the loss of their loved one. Many times, these personal injury attorneys will contact the insurance companies for payment. They will then attempt to negotiate with the insurance companies to see that they will settle the outstanding medical bills.

Pursuing a Claim

Personal injury attorneys can also represent you in pursuing a claim against the other driver of the car involved in the accident. In car accidents that result in serious or life-threatening injuries, victims need justice. They should not be forced to accept an inadequate settlement or a settlement that offers no hope of repaying the expenses and losses they have suffered. With the assistance of a competent car accident attorney, victims can get the settlements they deserve.

When you hire a car accident lawyer, you should have your own consultation scheduled. During this meeting, the attorney should determine if a negotiated settlement will be more beneficial to you. After the consultation, the attorney will conduct his or her own investigation of the accident and its circumstances. He or she will then make the best decisions regarding your case and offer advice on how best to pursue a claim against the driver of the other vehicle. The attorney will also take into consideration the insurance coverage offered by the other driver’s insurance company.

It is important to remember that it is important to seek no-fault damages when you have suffered injuries in a car accident. While no-fault states do allow limited no-fault lawsuits when serious or life threatening injuries occur, they do not allow negligence lawsuits. You must contact an attorney right after your accident to ensure your legal rights are protected. No-fault laws are designed to protect the injured party and allow injured persons to pursue compensation for their injuries. In instances where the other driver is found to be at fault for causing the accident, the attorney can help you receive no-fault damages as well as medical benefits and possibly loss of wages.

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