Buying a Sofa Online: Shopping Tips!

Shopping online should be fast and convenient, but sometimes it’s easy to fall into the rut of scrolling through thousands of items not knowing what you want! Here are some simple tips to make sure that your online sofa shopping is easy and that you’ll end up with the perfect sofa for your home!

Check Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the most important factor when buying a sofa online. You don’t get to try the sofa in person, so it’s crucial to see what people have purchased and lived with it. Is the color the same in person as it appears online? How comfortable is the sofa? Was it difficult to assemble? There are many questions the customer reviews can answer.

Measure Your Space

You should measure your space before starting the online sofa hunt. This way you can narrow down your search and erase the chance of falling in love with a sofa that you later find out won’t fit. It’s important to keep all the dimensions in mind when ordering a sofa online, not just the length and width. Is the sofa tall enough for you to comfortably sit down and stand up? Is the seat deep enough that you can sit cross-legged if you want to?

Feel Material In-Person

Even if you aren’t planning on buying a sofa in person, it might be a good idea to go to a furniture store to feel the fabrics. You’re most likely going to be sitting on this piece of furniture every day, so it’s important that you like the way a fabric feels. Like the dimensions, this also allows you to narrow your search and look at sofas only in your desired material. Some higher-end online furniture stores will send you swatches before ordering. If not, simply pop down to your neared furniture store and try some for yourself!

When considering the material, it’s important to keep your lifestyle in mind as well as how it feels. If you have children or pets you most likely want a fabric that is easy to clean, for example.

Filter by your Wants

Buying things online is supposed to be quick, easy, and convenient. Don’t spend hours scrolling through pages of sofas that you know you aren’t going to buy! Most websites allow you to filter your search based on size, price, material, or even style. This will make your overall search time much quicker and simpler!

Note the Delivery Time

When trying to decide where to buy sofas online, take the delivery time into consideration. Are you on a time crunch? Or do you have time to wait 6-10 weeks? Certain websites offer insanely fast delivery, while others can take months! The last thing you’d want is to choose a couch only to find out it won’t be delivered in time.

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