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Brilliance: 7 Amazing Facts About Diamonds You Might Not Know

Looking for a gift for your special someone?

Every year, 100 million carats of diamonds are produced worldwide. While it looks like it’s a lot, it doesn’t even come close to the global reserves. It’s estimated that there are over a billion carats worth of diamond reserves all over the world.

In ancient times people believed that diamonds have healing properties. It’s also a sign of strength, which makes it popular with men as much as it is for women. Today, it’s known to be the birthstone for April and often associated with the sign of love.

Diamonds aren’t only made to become gifts, though. Here are the seven things you don’t know about diamonds. Read what we have below and learn more.

1. The Perfect Diamond

One of the largest diamonds found in the world rests in Arkansas in the United States. It’s called the Strawn-Wagner diamond, unearthed in 1990 by Shirley Strawn. It’s now on permanent display at the Crater of Diamonds Park visitor center and is also hailed as the most perfect diamond ever discovered.

2. Dig Your Own Diamonds

If ever you find yourself visiting the state of Arkansas, give Murfreesboro a visit. This town is home to Crater of Diamonds State Park where you can search for your own diamonds. It’s one of the most prominent volcanic craters to find diamonds of all different colors, from yellow to white.

3. Blue Diamonds

Aside from the famed white diamond, there also exists a rare blue diamond. It gets its titular blue tone due to a rich amount of boron.

While the bluest diamonds appear as the name suggests, you may find some shining with a touch of green, gray, or even violet. Also, blue diamonds do not need treatment or any enhancement to get their color.

4. No Mass Production Machinery Involved

When making diamonds into fine jewelry it’s always made by the hand of the artisan. The artisan takes time to complete the jewelry making sure to pay attention to details. This ensures that the jewelry to have fewer flaws and imperfections.

There’s always devotion, care, and attention to your jewelry. Check out our other guides and see more here to learn about design jewelry.

5. Always One of a Kind

Every piece of a diamond ring, earring, or other diamond jewelry, in general, is always one of a kind. No two pieces of jewelry are the same. Even with a handmade edition, it’s assumed that only you have that beautiful piece.

6. Diamond Capital of the World

Antwerp, Belgium, is also known as the diamond capital of the world. 84% of the world’s rough diamonds and 50% of cut diamonds pass through here where they’re also processed. Many international traders visit the city to seek the highest quality of diamonds.

7. Pencil and Diamonds

Graphite, the material found in pencils, is also made from crystallized carbon. What made graphite different from diamonds is their atomic structure. 

Enjoy the Brilliance of Diamond Today 

Diamonds have been around since ancient times and we will see them for many years to come. These diamond facts will help you know more about these amazing gems!

Interested in learning more about diamonds and other gems? Keep tabs on our blog.

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