Brief dos and don’ts of setting OKRs-

The objective and key result is a goal-setting framework used by businesses of all sizes. OKRs improve clarity and focus and are also used to measure success. OKRs help to ensure that everyone on a team is working towards the same objectives, and they can help keep everyone accountable for their results. 

OKRs can be used to track progress over time and identify areas where a team may need to focus its efforts. OKRs can help to simplify complex goals, they can provide a clear roadmap for achieving objectives, and they can help to hold individuals and teams accountable. OKRs can be used in conjunction with other goal-setting frameworks, or they can be used as a standalone tool. Either way, OKRs are a necessary part of any goal-setting plan.

OKRs are meant to be flexible, they should be adjusted with your priorities. OKRs should be evaluated every month and check-ins should be regular. OKRs should be used to make sure everything is moving along properly.

Here is an OKR example-


Increase customer satisfaction 

Key Results: 

  1. Hire two additional Customer Success Managers before September
  2. Increase customer satisfaction to 90% before December
  3. Decrease response time to 2 hours

The above example is SMART(i.e., specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely). 

There are many good OKR Examples but here are some brief dos and don’ts of setting OKRs that you must know-

  • Use OKRs selectively to focus on what matters & don’t set too many OKRs. 
  • Communicate OKRs in the organisation but don’t get obsessed with them.
  • Keep the OKRs simple, don’t overdo them. 
  • Adapt OKRs to your team’s unique needs, and choose what works best for your team.
  • OKRs should be formed with bottom-up intelligence
  • One should Set properly defined OKRs as unclear & undefined goals will lead to frustration among employees.
  • Be patient, do not keep changing the OKRs and measure the progress through continuous check-ins.
  • Assign direct responsibility to employees
  • Provide enough resources to employees/teams 
  • Set time-bound goals and track them 
  • Alignment of OKRs with organizational goals should be a must 

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