Blunders to Avoid After Being Injured in a Car accident in Queens, NY

Queens, NY, is one of the most heavily populated cities in the U.S, with a population of over 2 million. Several car accidents occur in the city due to the hectic traffic conditions and busy roads. A Queens car accident lawyer who deals with car accident cases in Queens every day can help you approach insurance companies and ensure that you get adequate compensation for your personal injuries and property damages.

You should report car accidents on the same day if severe injuries and fatalities are involved. However, there are some mistakes that you may want to avoid if you are involved in a car accident in Queens, NY.

Not Attending to Personal Injuries Immediately

Mild injuries could develop into severe injuries or even fatalities if left unattended. You may want to prioritize medical attention over legal formalities after a car accident. Expert medical care from doctors or paramedics can help avoid unnecessary medical complications.

It’s critical to go to a hospital and undergo a medical checkup even if you feel fine after an accident. Complications due to internal injuries and scarring may not be evident for a while. Your doctor will do a thorough scan to identify signs of internal bleeding, fractures, or other issues.

Not Reporting the Accident to the Police

The statute of limitations applicable to Queen’s car accidents requires victims to report the accident within 3 years to be eligible for insurance compensation. However, the New York State Police Department makes it mandatory for people to report accidents within a few hours. It’s vital to report the accident immediately if there were one or more fatalities. You could face severe legal consequences for not reporting the accident immediately.

Trusting the Insurance Company Blindly

Insurance companies may try to prove negligence on your side to reduce the amount of compensation you are eligible for. It’s essential to verify the information the insurance company gives you with the help of a Queens car accident lawyer.

Your lawyer will have a clear understanding of the circumstances of your case. The lawyer can also help you collect and present relevant evidence to prove that you are not responsible for the accident. The other driver’s insurance company must compensate you for your medical expenses and property damages.

Your lawyer will help you understand if the responsibility percentage the insurance company calculated is correct. The lawyer will also help you make reasonable assessments of the losses you sustained. 

Not Contacting Your Lawyer Immediately

It’s essential to speak to your lawyer at the earliest if you are involved in a car accident in Queens, NY. Your lawyer can help you make accurate written submissions from the beginning. Submitting the relevant proof and documents to the insurance company and the court will help enhance your chances of receiving eligible compensation.

Working with a lawyer will also help minimize the chances of misinformation and misstatement of facts. A Queens car accident lawyer specializing in Queen’s car accidents knows the right strategies to help you claim compensation.

A reputed Queens lawyer can help you deal with insurance companies. A lawyer who has a proven history of successfully handling car accident cases can help boost your chances of claiming compensation.

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