Bitcoin Wallet– A Detailed Guidance for Beginners!

Whenever it comes to bitcoin, then it’s important to keep it safe and secure. It’s because it is a digital currency that has only present online and has no physical appearance like cash. For storing bitcoins, wallets are used. Not only is this, but a bitcoin wallet is also used for sending or receiving BTC to and from anyone. Now, the major challenge for beginners is to select the best bitcoin wallet that is safe, secure, and provides better features as compared to others. 

It’s the only way to keep bitcoins safe after buying and use them accordingly. In the bitcoin wallet, all records and transactions are stored in the blockchain. Due to this highly-secured technology, it’s almost impossible to hack or steal bitcoins from your wallet. Mainly, wallets are of 5 main types, and that are hardware, software, paper, desktop, and mobile wallets. Everyone must know that the working of all these BTC wallets is the same, but they are a little different from each other in several terms. 

Individuals only have to focus on choosing the right and secure wallet that is perfect for storing BTC and give them good features so that they use it according to their requirements. To know which one is the best or obtain more information about BTC wallet, users can simply prefer weed trading software. It’s the best source from where individuals get weekly news related to bitcoin, and that helps them a lot in making correct decisions. 

Different types of cryptocurrency wallets

Well, there are many types of BTC wallets present, as already mentioned. Now, it’s time for beginners to go through all these types of wallets and then finally select the right one according to their needs by comparing them all. So, given below are all main bitcoin wallet types. 

  1. Online wallets – the particular type of wallets is run on the cloud, and they can be easily accessed from any device like a laptop or mobile also from any location. The best thing about online BTC wallets is that they are very easy to use, and such wallets store the private keys online. These private keys are controlled by third-party that makes them risker as compared to other types regarding hacking or thefts. 
  2. Desktop wallets – well, the desktop wallets are downloaded and installed only on laptops and PCs. A desktop wallet is only accessed on the computer on which it is installed. The major benefit of desktop wallets is that they provide high-level security. However, if your computer gets a virus or hacked, then there are some chances that you may lose your entire data.
  3. Paper – among all others, paper wallets are Bitcoin mining machines for sale to use and offer a good security level. The term paper wallet refers to a physical copy of a paper, i.e., the public or private keys. Also, a piece of software that is used to generate a pair of keys for printing purposes refers to a paper wallet. Making transactions in such wallets is much easier as compared to using all other types of wallets. 
  4. Hardware – if you are looking for the best and highly-secured wallet for storing BTC, then hardware wallets are one of the best options. It’s because the same type of wallets stores private keys offline like in a USB, etc. Newbies must know hardware wallets can be easily compatible with several web interfaces, and also, these wallets support several currencies. 
  5. Mobile – here comes the last and most-used type of BTC wallet. Yes, mobile wallets are very simple to use as everyone can easily get them on their mobile. Also, they can easily make transactions with such wallets as they only have to use their mobiles. The best way to secure everything in your mobile wallet is not sharing the keys or any useful information with others.

After knowing all 5 types of wallets, new users should focus on comparing them one by one and then select the perfect wallet. 

After then, they simply have to transfer all their bitcoins after buying from the exchange to the wallets. Now, they can easily send or receive BTC to and from anyone, anytime and anywhere they want. There is no requirement of getting permission from anyone related to bitcoin transactions as it is a decentralized currency. 

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