Best Women’s Fashion Apps to Help You Revolutionize Your Wardrobe


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With smartphone technology at your fingertips, mixing and matching the contents of your closet has never been easier. From inspirational pictures on the internet to fashion department websites, adding some spice to your wardrobe is no longer a stab in the dark. Here are several apps to help you lift your sartorial game to the next level.


Masterminded by a former Porter editor Lucy Yeomans, cardigan sweaters is definitely not boring. More of a video game than an app that simply passes on information, Drest is all about interaction and hands-on experience. 

A spokesperson from STYLESPRING has been particularly excited about the app, saying that it adds a new dimension to traditional fashion and apparel apps. “Drest is a lifestyle game that lets you ‘climb the fashion ladder’ as you become the ultimate super stylist for some of the world’s top supermodels in a variety of stunning locations around the world.”

“Some of the more notable brands on show here include Burberry, Gucci and Bottega Veneta. The app also lets you dress your own avatar and buy the garments through Farfetch,” she continued.


Not into big luxury brands? Whether you are looking to spruce up your wardrobe for that date or zoom call, ShopLook has you covered. The UK-based app lets your creative juices flow, as you mix and match on-screen garments. With clothing from hundreds of brands, the app also offers fashion tips and challenges. In addition, it lets users connect with other fashion-minded women. 

Save Your Wardrobe 

The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe,” or so says the leader in sustainable clothing, Orsola de Castro. Save Your Wardrobe provides tips to help lead a sustainable life as it relates to your garments. These include information about upcycling your clothing, cleaning and repairing your garments, and donations. 


Latitude has you covered, rain or shine. What makes Latitude stand out from the fashion app pack is its weather feature. The platform not only helps you mix and match your clothes for the upcoming day, but takes into account the weather while doing so.

 “We wanted to take the fear factor out of fashion and de-weaponize it to make it a realistic app,” said Latitude’s founder and former fashion editor Anne Slowey. “It’s a one-stop shop, not just about what to wear in the morning, but how to make your relationship with your closet less stressful.”

The Hunt

We all know that most fashionistas get their inspiration from the internet. Have you ever seen a picture of an outfit on Pinterest or Instagram you like, but struggled to find out where to buy it. The Hunt can help. The app lets you post “hunts” for garments, shoes and accessories you have had your eye on, but are at a loss where to get. Simply post a link to the garment you are looking for and let The Hunt community help you locate it or find a suitable alternative. 

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