Best Ways to Involve Parents in Homework

A successful student will always seek help whenever the need arises. However, most students may fear calling for some help whenever they are stuck with some demanding homework. Some parents also find it challenging to create some time with their kids to monitor their educational progress, which is sometimes understandable because most parents tend to be engaged with daily work schedules. Regardless of the nature of work or engagement level, parents should spare some little time to help students with homework using college essay examples. Also, the parents should create a suitable environment where a kid can feel free to engage a parent in demanding schoolwork. As a student, if you feel pressed enough with some challenging assignment, do not fear seeking help from your immediate helper – parent. The following are some of the diplomatic ways teachers and students can engage parents in schoolwork:  

  • Creating positive relationships with parents 

Right from the word go, the kid should always be a friend to the parent. Such friendships generate stronger bonds through developing positive mindsets. If you have a negative attitude against your parent, then you will most likely fail to engage them for your homework. However, with positive relationships, a kid can feel free to approach the parent and seek help whenever necessary.  On the other hand, teachers also need to create good bonds with parents to monitor their children’s progress. Teachers can advise parents on where to help the children with some of the homework.    

  • As a teacher, show parents that you are human 

Understanding parents and showing them that you are human enough to understand various issues will trigger crucial academic topics. If parents feel free and comfortable enough to have you as a teacher of their kids, you may share some of the crucial areas affecting the child, where the parent needs to help with homework and much more.   

  • Shared goals between the teacher, parent, and the student 

If the teacher and the parent have shared goals, there is an excellent possibility of achieving the desired goal – parental participation in their kids’ educational growth. Since everyone wants their child to succeed, teachers should institute shared goals with parents so that as they push for success from the school side, parents, on the other hand, should promote success through helping their young ones with homework.      

  • Focus on positivity

Positivity is a bridge towards achieving success. It acts as a motivator. For the success of parental involvement in homework, it is crucial to praise the student a long way. Such an approach inspires the student and the parent to ensure every educational activity gets properly polished cooperatively. Teachers should set various goals for the homework and ensure specificity, measurability, attainability, etc.  

  • Explicitness 

Parents can provide support to the student in different ways. Sometimes, they do not necessarily have to struggle with questions provided for the student. However, some little help is crucial. Parents can act as cheerleaders during their kid’s homework sessions; they can prepare early homework routines, create a good homework environment, etc. doing so is also taking part in the homework. It does not necessarily have to be juggling with a few questions here and there. They can generally act as facilitators to ensure a proper homework environment for their kids. Doing so brings them more closely to the homework with which they may develop interest after that. 

  • Let them check the completeness of the homework 

Parents can also go through their kids’ homework to ensure it is wholly and correctly done. Therefore, it is one of the best for parents who are so busy that they lack enough time for their kids. Just a minute of crosschecking through the completeness of the assignment or homework is crucial.


If the teacher, student, and the parent have shared goals, it is easier to incorporate various achievement tactics. A parent can take part in helping their kids succeeds through providing homework help in many ways. All teachers and students need to know is the establishment of outstanding relations with parents.     

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