Best Solutions to Deal with Inner Thigh Chafing

Working outside in the Australian heat can give rise to skin problems like chafing. Inner thigh chafing is a common problem as thighs are more likely to rub against each other or clothing. As an outcome, you may notice symptoms like redness, rash, itching, burning, pain, and in extreme cases, boils and blisters. 

Some products can help reduce the symptoms of chafing, but it is recommended you adopt a preventative approach to stop chafing.  

What Causes Skin Chafing?

When your inner thigh skin comes into contact with one another constantly, it can cause chafing. For example, wearing skirts and dresses or tight clothes while working out, sweat, humidity, ill-fitting garments, and large thigh muscles are reasons that can lead to thigh chafing.

Best Solutions to Deal with Inner Thigh Chafing

You can treat skin chafing, but the condition can cause discomfort and hinder your productivity. If you are prone to chafing, you can use the below solutions to prevent chafing in the first place.

Deodorant and Moisturisers

You can use a thin layer of antiperspirant to keep sweat at bay. Deodorants could help moisturise and protect your skin if they do end up rubbing against one another or clothes.

If your skin is too dry, the constant friction can aggravate your skin condition further. Instead, you can hydrate your skin and help it glide against each other with any type of moisturiser. For example, you can use body lotion, body butter or oil, or sunscreen to protect your inner thighs.

When using moisturisers, you should stay away from scented products. Also, do not overdo the application or you may end up with greasy inner thighs. Avoid powders if you sweat a lot as they can result in clumping and cause more irritation. 

Wear Breathable Clothes

Cotton tends to retain moisture and keep the area damp, worsening the friction. Instead, wear clothes made from breathable fabrics like polyester, lycra, spandex blends, and nylon.  

Pay attention to the size and fit of your clothes. For example, if you have too much fabric around your thighs, it will move when you do any activity and contribute to chafing. 

Use Quality Thigh Guards

Thigh guards are protective sleeves that you can wear on your thighs. You can comfortably wear these guards when going out to work, playing sports, exercising or enjoying a day with friends. You can wear them under your favourite skirt, dress, workout attire or pants and not worry about chafing. 

When choosing a thigh guard, look at the design of the product. The guard, once worn, should be in place to perform its intended function. Look for features like silicon grippers and protective flaps to prolong the life cycle of the guard.

Also, take care when choosing the right size of the guard. If the guard is too tight or loose, it can affect your movements. Therefore, it is recommended you first measure your thighs and choose a size, for example, a small or medium, depending on the brand instructions.    

Chafing is an issue that you should not take lightly. If ignored, it can lead to painful blisters and bleeding. Keep your skin clean and well moisturised. Use products like a thigh guard and say goodbye to inner thigh chafing woes.

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