Best Small Electric Smokers – All You Need to Know

Small electric smokers don’t have the guesswork and labor that is often associated with another type of smoker. Other smokers like traditional ones have a need for consistent attention and you need to feed them with more fuel throughout the day to ensure the maintaining of optimal temperature. On the other hand, having a small electric smoker means you just need to set it and forget it. It doesn’t require constant monitoring throughout the cooking process. A small electric smoker is an electric version of a classic smoker that uses heat elements instead of charcoal or wood for cooking the meat. They also have digital or analog controls allowing the users to adjust the controls easily.

Here are some features of small electric smokers you need to look while going for them…

Best Small Electric Smokers – Some Features

Here are some variety of factors you need to consider while selecting a small electric smoker.

1. Size and Capacity

Usually, small electric smokers have small capacity compared to large wood ovens. Still, they are pretty effective to feed an averaged sized family. Normally, they have 3 cooking racks, about 2 feet height and depth. A standard electric smoker has enough capacity to smoke 4 half-racks of ribs, 4 chickens, or 2 full-size turkeys. This way they are more than suitable for a family of 5 – 7 people.

2. FeaturesT

Small electric smokers have some great features that make them very easy to use. They have small trays that you can fill with wood chunks like apple, cherry, hickory, and oak to enhance the flavor of your meals. Some smokers even allow you to reload the wood chips without even opening the electric smoker. You will find both digital and analog controls on different models of small electric smokers. There is a mounted thermometer on many of them to monitor the internal temperature during whole cooking process. It Smoke grenades for sale it very easy to determine whether the food is ready to be served or not.

3. Weather Resistance and Portability

Small electric smokers are not bulky or heavy at all. They are all made of durable materials that can survive the weather conditions for a long time. Still, it is better to not expose them to moisture or outdoor environment every now and then because they are all electrical appliances after all. It is better to purchase a good cover to protect your investment if you want to keep using your electric smoker outdoors. Small electric smokers have pretty less weight and wheels making them a very portable machine. This is the reason why they are so much popular to use in picnics and outdoor adventures.

4. Ease of Use

BBQ lovers are more inclined towards small electric smoker over wood-burning models because of their ease of use. They also don’t require consistent refueling like you need to do in charcoal smokers. You just need to set the temperature and let the smoker do its job. There are no safety concerns as well in case of small electric smokers. They have small vents to let the smoke out of it so you don’t need to open them for that purpose. They are also well insulated from wind and cold temperatures making them an excellent option for use in extreme weather conditions. Just not left out them in rainy weather as it is an electrical appliance.

5. Temperature Range

Usually, the temperature range required for smoking food is not high. The ideal temperature for smoking meat is from 200°F – 250°F. Usually small electric smokers have temperature ranges from 150°F – 350°F. It is typically inconsequential for an electric smoker to have a broad temperature range. The more important thing is the ability to maintain the optimal temperature. A smoker with 1500-watt heating element is better suitable for optimal temperature than a smoker with less heating power. It specially helps when you are using the smoker in cold weather conditions. Small electric smokers also have a thermostat that monitors temperature and allow you to make precise temperature adjustments.

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