Best DVRs to get in 2020

It is a universal truth that the only constant in life is change. Today, the world is changing rapidly, and especially, on account of the adversities this year has brought, everyone is adapting to the new lifestyle of flexibility. From our daily routines to work hours, everything has changed to a point that we had no comprehension of. The schedule of our daily entertainment potion has also gotten into the mix and no one is sitting on the couch waiting for their favorite shows anymore. Instead, now people acquainted themselves with the idea of recording their favorite bits and shows on DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) for enjoying them at their discretion without any commercial interruptions.

The common practice that most people follow is to rent or buy their DVRs from their cable TV providers although you can always look out for other available options and select the device that suits your preference the most.

This article explores some of the best available DVRs in 2020 that you can choose from for all your entertainment pangs.

Amazon Fire TV Recast

For those who use Amazon products like its oxygen and already are a proud owner of a Fire TV stick, then without a doubt, this is the best DVR available for you. Amazon Fire TV Recast lets you record your favorite TV shows, live sports, news, and whatever you want, whenever and wherever, with the only requirement is a sound connection, and a smartphone with the Fire TV application installed.

The recast is introduced with originally two tuners enabling you to record 2 channels simultaneously while easing you with recording 4 channels with an easy upgrade. On account of these 2 tuners, you can stack up almost 75 hours of TV that you had missed out while with 4 tuners, the storage goes up by 150 hours. Storage space, on contrary, is set as 500 GB which is great for an average family.

Arguably, the best feature of Amazon Fire TV recast is its compatibility with Alexa that allows you to use the voice command function to manage, guide, and record. Although, if you do not have all these gadgets already available, the total price of DVR might rack up. You would have to purchase a Fire Stick, HD antenna, Echo Show, or smartphone with the Fire app installed other than the DVR itself.


  • 75 hours of standard record time
  • Compatible with Alex
  • No monthly scheduled fees


  • A lot of side-equipment is required


Although TiVo, seemingly, has not created a buzz as big as Amazon Fire recast, it does not affect the features it displays. TiVo Bolt presents you with 150 hours to store your interest with its more than 1 TB of storage space. Generally, it comes with 4 tuners enabling you to record four different channels simultaneously.

The TiVo box is accompanied by a controller that exhibits attractive features like you can record, change channels, and schedule recordings by speaking into the controller. Also, it allows you to skip a commercial by pressing just a button. Magic button, presumably!


  • Inclusion of 4K
  • In-built voice controller 
  • Can be streamed on a smartphone


  • Hefty subscription charges

Optimum Cloud DVR Plus

Better known as Cloud DVR Plus, Optimum TV has innovated the merits of customer care by bringing forth its DVR system. For existing as well as new customers of the network, this device is proving to be a well-rounded home system that allows you to watch and schedule recordings on any TV having a box in the same household.

You can rewind and pause live transmissions any time of the day on any TV in the house. Another amazing feature is that Cloud DVR Plus can record almost 15 programs at the same time allowing you to record whenever without fear of recording conflicts. Moreover, there is no limitation on the number of television sets that can be connected with the same DVR. Most of the other providers put a limit on this number to 8 to 10 televisions. Whilst not many households would fancy this feature but it is an added benefit nevertheless.


  • Ease of recording up to 15 programs simultaneously
  • Can be streamed on any television with a box
  • Optimum app supported


  • Limited storage of 75 hours

Avermedia Ezrecorder 130

This DVR might not flaunt the features exhibited by the other DVRs, nonetheless, it is capable to record your desired programs without you having to set the recording up. The Ezrecorder 130 offers expandable and unlimited storage on account of external storage and support content of resolution up to 1080p. It also features a snapshot option by the benefit of which you would never miss out on a single moment again and helps you to edit these video clips and shots without having to use a computer.

The EzRecorder 130 has also made it possible to record console/PC gaming in addition to the TV recording making it much more popular. This feature also aids in content creation. On the other hand, it does not support a voice control feature which might be a deal-breaker for some of you.


  • Snapshot feature
  • Expandable storage
  • Can be used for gaming 


  • Lack of voice control feature

Hopper 3

Hopper 3 is the dream come true of any television fanatic for it brings 16 tuners to the table and you can record and watch 16 different programs at the same time! This is the ultimate answer to all the family feuds that happen because of different TV interests. It also comes with an auto skip-commercial feature and an in-built voice controller. 

Since Bible affirms that nothing is perfect in this world, there is a downside to this amazing piece of technology – it is only offered with a costly DISH subscription. Moreover, for each TV to be connected, you would need a mini DVR called the Joey which is an additional cost.


  • Can record almost 16 programs simultaneously
  • Auto-skip-commercial feature
  • Voice-controlled


  • Available only with a DISH subscription


The new normal has turned our lifestyle a bit busier and DVR has become a necessity rather than a luxury. This is as much true for a cord cutter as it is for a cable subscriber. From DVRs that have all the new and exciting features to those with simpler functions, we believe this article has something for everyone. So, unless you have a super cool job that lets you watch all your favorite programs on time, a DVR is the best way to catch your calm whenever and wherever you want!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a DVR?

Is watching television your guilty pleasure but you miss out on your favorite shows because of a tight work schedule? Then, you need a good DVR.

How do I save space on my DVR?

You can set up your DVR to record only new episodes and not the reruns to save a little extra space.

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