Traveling with your baby in a car can be a troubling experience if one is unaware of the right protocols. An infant is as fragile as glassware, and protecting her should be the utmost concern of any guardian. As a parent, it is necessary to purchase a child-safety seat so that one can effectively avert and secure a baby from unforeseen circumstances. However, choosing the right seat for your kid is necessary. This article will act as a guide to different seats available for toddlers.

  1. Infant-only seats: These seats can carry weights ranging from 20-36 pounds. Usually, until a child is two years old, he or she can sit quite comfortably in it. However, it is mandatory to make your kid sit only in the rear of the car so that she remains protected from all the sides. Moreover, never travel with your toddler in the car’s front, as she might risk fatality from airbags.
  • Infant-only seats keep the head, neck, and torso protected from sudden shocks.
  • They are designed to carry weight-based both on the child’s age and size.
  • Convertible toddler seats: These seats are designed to be kept at the back of the car, both facing the rear and forward, depending on the child’s growth. The evenflo tribute lx car seat provides maximum security and comfort to your baby. Owing to an ergonomic design, and safety standards marked by a 2x federal motor vehicle crash test, this car seat will keep your delicate darling protected in emergency scenarios. Moreover, they are light to carry around and are highly affordable. The weight limit is 40 pounds.
  • These seats have an integrated cushion with shock-absorber foam lining.
  • The product also comes with adjustable head straps to cater to different sized babies.
  • Forward-facing seat: When a toddler is nearly one year old, she has by now developed a steady skeletal system. She is also ready to face forward as the child has outgrown in length to be carried by infant-only seats. These are crafted to withstand weights until 60 pounds. They come with an attached harness to secure a rapidly growing child from unwarranted shocks. However, when the child has reached the age of 7-8 years old or has gone past the weight limit, a parent must shift the kid to a booster seat. Forward-facing seats are guarded by the car’s seat belt.
  • Forward-facing seats eventually become a necessity for fast-growing children traveling with parents.
  • Facing the rear or the front of the car depends upon the age and the growth of the baby.

Why need an infant seat for your car?

Although many states do not mandate the use of infant car seats beyond the age of 4, it is always advisable to keep your child safe within a car. When the kid is nearly eight years old or weighs 80 pounds, he or she would naturally shift to an adult seat.

Choose what is best for your children and protect them from danger on busy roads.

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