Best 5 Boxing workouts for Strengthening your Arm Muscles

Do you want to gain more muscles in your arms? Or strengthen them for improving your martial art game? Or simply want to look cool with those sculpted arms. Now is the time when you might modify your workout routine. For having strong & sculpted arms muscles you don’t need fancy gym equipment. Here is the list of most effective arm exercises that will not only improve your boxing game when you put on your boxing gloves but also ease your daily activities. These strengthening workouts are beneficial for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. Most of these workouts also engage your core and upper body.

Triceps dips

This workout uses your body weight for building your triceps. You can easily perform this on the ground or by holding on to a bench, chair, or coffee table. Start this workout by placing both of the hands shoulder-distance apart on a furniture item you’re holding on to. Then move your pelvis region and bottom forward to make a 3- 6-inch gap between the back & the object. It will give you a clearance space for dipping down. Then bend both of your legs at an angle of 90-degree. Make sure your feet are planted firmly onto the floor. Extend them at your front without locking your knees. After this start lowering your body down slowly & back up, while engaging the triceps. Perform 3 sets with 12 reps in each.

Forearm Plank Reach Out

Start this workout by going down in the forearm plank posture with both of your elbows under the shoulders & the palms and face facing forward in a way that your arms become parallel to the ground, keep your core engaged, pelvis leveled & both of your legs stretched straight. Then extend the right hand at the front & tap on the floor. Return the hand at the starting position & then reach in front using the left hand for tapping on the ground. Continue alternating your sides and keep your focus making the hips steady during the movement. For making the exercise more challenging, open your feet hip-distance apart.


Lie down on the ground with the feet around 15 to 20 cm apart. Place both of your palms on the floor, shoulder-distance apart. Make sure you keep the body straight & long, form your head to toe the start lifting your body from the ground, and continue doing so till your arms are fully extended. Start bending the arms at your elbows level & lower down your chest towards the ground. Stop around 10-15 cm before you touch the floor. Make sure you keep the back & legs straight in a plane. Then Push yourself up back to the position from where you started. This is a single push-up. Consider doing 3 sets each with 8-12 reps.

Curls with Bar

It is a great workout for people who have wrist issues. Keeps the bar stationary till you stabilize yourself with dumbbells. It works primarily on your biceps and your core as well. Start this workout by standing up while your torso is upright. Then hold a barbell shoulder-distance grip. The palm of both hands should be facing your body. Make sure your upper arms are stationary,

The curl weights forward and contracts your biceps. Continue doing till the bar drops to your shoulder level. Make sure your forearms move. Then slowly bring that bar back to the starting position till you finally breathe. Then repeat the suggested number of reps.

Body Saw

Start the forearm plank your forearms on the ground, put your elbows beneath your shoulders, your hands face forward in a way that your arms become parallel to the ground, & legs stretched behind you. Tuck the tailbone while engaging the core, butt & quads. Rock at the front with the forearms in a way that your shoulders would come at the front, & bend at the tips of the toes. Move as far as you can. Push in the opposite direction, as far as possible while straightening your arms, & rolling on feet balls. Continue rocking forward & back.

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