Best 3 OCR Tools for Text Recognition

Writing text from an image manually is very exhausting and time-consuming work. When you have text on an image or other non-editable format, you need a tool to handle your task. Optimal Character Recognition, usually known as the OCR tools, come to help you in this situation. They scan the images, PDF files, and even handwritten text and provide your documents in a machine editable format. 

But the quality of the converted file depends on the tool you selected. A good tool provides you with accurate results and quickly converts the file. You may be thinking which tool is suitable for you? In this article, we will discuss the Best 3 OCR Tools for Text Recognition. We personally checked these OCR tools and found them the best among the others. We concluded the result based on their accuracy, speed, and price. So Let’s discuss them in detail: 

Microsoft OneNote 

Microsoft OneNote was created for creating notes. It is very old software, but the OCR tool is available only in the latest versions. This tool lets you copy text from the image and make changes to the words or paste it in your notes. It works well for the business card you scanned into Microsoft OneNote. If you want to convert small files, this tool is best for you. You can follow these steps to convert your file with Microsoft OneNote:

Step 1: Open the picture in the OneNote tool

Step 2: Right Click on the image and select “Copy Text from Picture.” 

Step 3: If you want to extract text from one image of a multipage file, click on the “Copy Text from this Page of the Printout.” And click on “Copy Text from All the Pages of the Printout” for extracting data from all pages. 

Step 4: It will take a few seconds to extract text, and after that, you can paste it into other files such as Word or Outlook. 


Simple OCR also comes among the oldest and reliable OCR tools. It is famous for its unique function for extracting handwritten text and the editor that helps you to edit the text and mistakes before saving. The best part about this tool is that you get a free dictionary that corrects your spelling mistakes. With its free editing tools, you can change font style and bold or italic the text. Moreover, the tool’s OCR quality is very high; it provides you with almost accurate results. If you want to convert the image, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Install SimpleOCR on your computer

Step 2: Click on the “Add File” button to select the file you want to convert

Step 3: Now Click on the “Accept” button 

Step 4: Edit the file after a conversion, if needed, and download it. 


onlineconvertfree.com is one of the widely used and top-rated OCR tool. Besides its useful OCR tool, it supports more than 200 file formats. It allows you to convert your file quickly without losing the original format. You can get an error-free file within a few seconds. The whole process is efficient and effortless. The user’s privacy is also the foremost priority of service providers. Moreover, it is an appealing online OCR from all perspectives. Follow these steps to convert your file: 

Step 1: Click on this link: https://onlineconvertfree.com/ocr/. You can also visit the official webpage and select the OCR tool from the main menu. 

Step 2: Upload the file from Dropbox, Google Drive, and computer. 

Step 3: Select the language used in your documents and also the output format. 

Step 4: Click on the “Recognize” button

Step 5: Download your file now. 

Bottom Line 

This article has discussed the three best OCR tools that help you convert your image to text. Now select the one from them and save your time, efforts, and money. 

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