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Benefits of Using Water Pipes for Smoking

It seems like there’s always some new way to enjoy herbs and tobacco that people can’t get enough of. Vaping may be popular, but there are some people that prefer the tried and true method of smoking over any other method. If they’re passionate about dry pipe smoking, they could be missing out on something great. 

Water pipes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. They’re one of the most efficient ways to smoke and enjoy herbs, and water pipe smoking could bring you to new levels of enjoyment. 

Curious about why there are so many people eager to find a water pipe of their own? After you learn the benefits, you’ll see why the dry bong vs. water debate is all but settled. 

Water Pipes are Smooth 

You enjoy a good smoke every now and then, but you can’t get over how harsh the first few puffs can be. Even the finest tobacco and herbs can be harsh on our delicate mouths and lungs. You may have assumed this is an inevitability of smoking, but there’s a way to avoid this. 

It’s easy to underestimate just how hot tobacco and other herbs need to be in order to combust. The average tip of a lit cigarette can be nearly 900 degrees, and the smoke that comes off of it is still incredibly hot. 

Water pipes are convenient because they help cool down the smoke. As the smoke gets filtered through the water, temperatures go way down. You’re still left with smoke, but it’s much cooler than it would have been if you had just inhaled from a dry pipe. 

Some glass water pipes are designed to maximize this cooling effect. You can find bongs, bubblers, and other pipes with percolators and ice chambers for that ultimate refreshing cool sensation! 

Water Pipes are Healthier 

Are you concerned about the health risks that are associated with smoking tobacco and other herbs? So far, there is no method of smoking that is 100% proven to be safe. There will always be some risks that come along with smoking, but the right water pipe can help lessen some of them. 

The water in your pipe is doing a lot more than cooling the smoke. The water acts as a filter, and as the smoke travels past it some of the toxic elements of smoke can be filtered out. Resins and carcinogens come out, but the effects you want from the herb still go in! 

This is one of the main reasons why glass water pipes are so popular with smokers of all kinds. Aside from getting a more comfortable form of smoke, you could get one that’s a little better for you. 

Water Pipe Smoking is Legit 

Very few things in life live up to their hype, but we can promise you smoking with water pipes can. When you pair a smoother smoke with improved health benefits, it’s hard to go wrong!

Do you have more questions about smoking? Are you interested in learning more about smoking methods, brands, and best tips? Keep browsing our site for more tobacco and marijuana content so you can finally get the smooth smoke you’ve been craving. 

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