Bath Bombing the Bathroom! A Step-by-Step Guide to Doing it Right

Is taking a bath just as healthy as taking a walk?

After 1 hour of soaking in a 104 degrees Fahrenheit bath, all sorts of health benefits start to kick in. First, you can burn as many calories as you would by walking for half an hour.

Next, your blood pressure can go down, while your overall blood circulation improves! Taking baths also helps make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep all night long.

However, instead of taking a boring traditional bath, you can switch things up by learning how to use bath bombs! In this article we’ll tell you everything you know about buying, using, and storing bath bombs.

So take a look. Tonight could finally be the night you treat yourself to a luxurious spa-like experience at home. Read on to learn the ins and outs of using bath bombs.

Tips for Picking the Best Bath Bombs

For starters, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying bath bombs that are both safe and effective. To play it safe, we find it’s best to stick to using bath bombs that are made using natural ingredients. Avoid bath bombs that contain harmful ingredients like limonene, linalool, and lauryl sulfate. The more natural the ingredients are, the less likely it’ll be that you’ll have any type of skin irritations.

For example, you can seek out bath bombs that use all-natural essential oils to help create an immersive aromatic experience. Next, it’s also helpful to buy bath bombs that contain Epsom salt. Epsom salt is a wonderful way to detox your body of harmful substances that build up in your cells, while also relieving muscle aches and pains.

If you’re looking to unwind, then a lavender-infused bath bomb would be a perfect choice. Lastly, to get a quality bath bomb, at an affordable price, you can always use bath and body works coupons.

Set the Spa Scene

The next step in learning how to use bath bombs is knowing how to set up your bathroom. Using a bath bomb means having the opportunity to transform your bathroom into a spa-like experience. However, if you don’t take the time to clean your bathroom, and set the mood, you won’t get the full relaxation benefits.

Start by thoroughly cleaning your entire bathroom, paying extra attention to the cleanliness of your tub. Be sure to rinse out your tub several times so there aren’t any residual chemicals.

Next, get LED candles so you can safely enjoy soaking in a dimly “candle” lit room. If you want to add in a little color, consider getting LED candles with different color modes. Moving on, you’ll want to create a little stand right by the bathtub.

On your stand, you can place things like a glass of water, or a glass of wine, for easy access. While you’re at it, go ahead and place a couple of decadent chocolates on the stand as well.

Next, make sure you have a fresh towel and robe ready for after your bath, along with a pair of slippers. So more you can pamper yourself, the more relaxed and special you’ll feel when your bath bomb experience is over.

When the big night comes, make sure you do whatever it takes to remove any distractions, such as unwanted phone calls. Instead, set aside at least 20-30 minutes that are just for you.

Create a Playlist

The final touch to set the scene is creating the perfect bath bomb playlist. We suggest you compile a list of relaxing songs that will help you unwind. For instance, Sandy Leah, Ephemeral Mists, and Enya are all great artists to help create a calming atmosphere.

For instrumental playlists, consider looking for movie and video game soundtracks. The original game soundtrack for Assasins Creed Odyssey will make you feel as if you’re on an exotic adventure! You can let your imagination run wild as you soak away all of your worries from the day.

Pick the Best Water Level

How long do you plan on soaking in your bath? The amount of water you initially fill your tub up with should reflect the amount of time you’re going to be in there for. For instance, if you’re going to be in the bath for over 20 minutes, we suggest you go with a medium level water level.

By using a medium water level you won’t have to drain out any of your special bath bomb water as the temperature changes. After a little while, when the water begins to cool, you can slowly add in more hot water. 

Watch Your Bath Bombs Dissolve

When you place your bath bomb in the water, don’t walk away. Instead, stay a few minutes to enjoy the fun, fizzy show as the colors of your bath bomb spread out through the water. Both baking soda and citric acid are the 2 ingredients in bath bombs that make them so fizzy.

On their own, baking soda and citric acid don’t do anything. However, when you introduce them to water a chemical reaction occurs, causing your bath bomb to fizz and eventually dissolve!

Tips for Storing Bath Bombs

If your bath bombs get wet or moist, they could fall apart or get moldy. To keep your bath bombs smelling and looking great, you’ll want to keep them in an airtight container. Stored correctly your bath bombs can last as long as 6 months!

Have Fun Knowing How to Use Bath Bombs

Yay, now you know how to use bath bombs the right way! From buying the best bath bombs to transforming your bathroom into a mini-spa, we’re sure you’re going to have a great time.

Go ahead and start creating your bath bomb playlist today, as you pick and choose what songs you want to soak too. Finally, buy a few bath bombs with colors and essential oils you like, and let the fun begin. For more helpful tips like the ones found in this article, check out the rest of this site!

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