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Barging: The Best Experience You Can Have to Explore European Canals

Canal de Briare is a remarkable place to visit if you ever plan to travel to France. The Canal de Briare was amongst the first few connecting canals built in France, and even today, it is pretty popular amongst travellers and residents of France. The eye-pleasing countryside is worth visiting, and the French canal barge is the best means to explore this picturesque countryside.  

When you research and plan a trip to France, you must be prepared to see the countryside and European canals while cruising in a barge. River cruises are popular in various countries but, barging, or barge cruising is more famous amongst the tourists whose idea of a vacation is more towards calm and close to nature, especially in France. If you like to travel slowly and not rush like other travellers, you would probably enjoy a barge more than a cruise ship. 

How different is barging from a cruise ship?

A cruise ship is a big river vessel that can accommodate nearly a hundred people at a time. Ideally, the cruise ships that you would find in France are long and narrow in their designs. They get designed so that the vessel can smoothly pass by the European canals without causing any damage to the locks and the cruise. 

Cruise ships are big in size and have staterooms with balconies to accommodate the guests. Also, there are more than one restaurant and bar on a boat where you would have to pay for anything you buy. Also, when you choose to travel on a cruise, you are booked for a few days, and you keep travelling until the trip gets over. However, a barge is a ride along the countryside that will last a day or a few hours. You can search for a French canal barge online and find several companies arranging barge trips for visiting various locations. 

If you choose to travel in a barge, you will get more personal time and attention from the staff since a barge is a small water vessel that can accommodate a limited number of guests. Its capacity is one-fourth of what a cruise ship has. A barge is all-inclusive of food, drink and other amenities offered on it. A barge is a very slow-moving water vessel that will allow you to embrace France’s natural beauty to the fullest. 

Who will enjoy barging in France?

France has tourists from all over the world, and they enjoy cruising and barging in the European countryside. However, barging is not meant for everyone. Travellers who are prone to motion sickness must prefer a barge over a cruise. Unlike a cruise ship, a barge does not move in large water bodies. It will only take you through one deck at a time and thus is ideal for anyone with motion sickness issues. 

A barge cruise is perfect for people who like privacy and are introverts. A cruise is loaded with hundreds of people. But a barge has limited members, and it usually has like-minded people. So, if you want to know about different regions in France in-depth, choose a barge instead of a cruise to get the maximum benefit of your travelling. 

You can look for local French companies offering barge cruise services and inquire about their packages and services. The one that gives you the maximum comfort and affordable prices, along with positive feedback from its clients, can be a potential choice for your barging in France. 

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