Balochistan: NOC issues to NGOs for relief activities

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The Balochistan government has issued NOCs to NGOs for relief activities across the province in view of Coronavirus.

According to an official statement, this was stated during a meeting of the Resource Committee for Liaison with Donors and NGOs, which was chaired by Balochistan Chief Minister, Jam Kamal Khan.

During meeting, it was informed that aid agencies have provided capacity in various sectors, provided assistance for the promotion of economic activities in the fields of agriculture, fisheries and livestock and provided rations to the districts of the province by the World Food Program.

Meanwhile, 25 NGOs for relief involved in the Balochistan Development Network are actively working by the support/aid of international agencies.

During meeting, it was also informed that there are 1420 NGOs registered under the Social Welfare Department which are working under the Charity Act but most of them are inactive organizations. All of these organizations have been issued NOCs for relief activities in the context/view of Corona.

It was decided at the meeting that a video link conference would be held with the Chief Minister’s donors, international and national voluntary organizations, European Union and UN agencies.

Chief Minister

The Chief Minister said that the business activities would be enhanced and increased to deal with the economic impact caused by the Corona Virus.

Addressing the meeting, Chief Minister, Jam Kamal said that the effects and harms of Corna virus on the economic and social sector would have to be borne for the next five to six years.

He said the suspension of economic and business activities would reduce employment opportunities, which would also increase poverty. But cooperation of NGOs for relief can help to cope with economic and social challenges.

As we all know that corona virus has caused lots of issues to not only to our country but also to the entire world. Pakistan is still a developing country and this time is really hard for such a country which is under the burden of loans given by IMF and other institutes.

So, in such situations people would have to face many difficulties and they should be ready and prepare themselves for the worse case scenario. Government is advising people to save money for a rainy day i.e hard time like this and after the end of corona virus.

Government is trying its best to get the people and their country out of all these difficulties, tackles and hard time which they are facing. But it seems that people are not following of the government’s advises and they are just turning the deaf ear to all of this.

And it’s might be because the majority of the people of our country are uneducated. The have no understanding about these things. They only consider, suppose and make up what they just want to. They take advice in wrong expects and only hear what they want to hear.

Corona virus is really deadly and has ceased all the activities of the entire world and hence caused great impacts not only on our country but also on other most developed one.

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