B2B Strategy: 5 Proven Ways You Can Improve Your Marketing in 2022

Each year $8.68 billion is spent on B2B online advertising. But, this is not the only marketing tactic that your company should utilize. 

If you want to expand your B2B strategy then you need to get creative, not just spend ad money. 

Read on for 5 tips for reaching your 2022 marketing goals.

1. Boost Your Social Media Presence

Business-to-business marketing is all about forming relationships. And today, many relationships start and grow online. That is why having a strong social media presence is essential for B2B marketing. 

Hiring a social media expert to engage with customers every day helps maintain contact, understand needs and trends, and gain trust among your peers. Increasing followers by posting relevant content makes your company a go-to source for information in the virtual social environment. And this translates into the real world.

2. Pitch to Old Employees at New Jobs 

Finding leads for B2B isn’t as difficult when you stay connected to your contacts even when they move careers. A customer job change shouldn’t mean a lost client. Instead, it allows you to gain a new client while keeping your old one. 

This is why relationships matter. Ask your contact for the name of the new person at their old company and pitch your services to their new employer. 

3. Get Visual with Video

One of the biggest B2B strategy trends is using video to convey information and communicate your brand. Videos allow for creativity and make your message more interesting. For example, think about an introduction video to explain your company or to launch a new product.

In addition, consider using video calling instead of phone calls to increase the personal experience with your clients. Everyone is now familiar with and used to using Zoom or other video platforms so make it a habit of putting a face to a name. 

4. Put Out Quality Gated Content

A business-to-business strategy that makes you an authority in your niche is creating exclusive, high-quality content for your client base. For those with access, you make them feel lucky to gain inside knowledge relevant to their business. 

Locking content also allows you to generate a potential customer by obtaining their name and email through the sign-up process. You now know they are interested in a certain topic and can use this as a lead to get their business. 

5. Use Employee Advocacy

B2B marketing strategy doesn’t just include your efforts. Your whole staff can be useful as a marketing tactic.

Ask your customer service staff for blog content ideas from a list of their common questions. Your sales team can use their knowledge for you to understand your client’s needs which can be implemented in your marketing strategy as well. 

Choosing a B2B Strategy

Finding a B2B strategy that works for your business takes some trial and error. Most of these tips are inexpensive (or free) and utilize your internal resources that are already in place. 

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