Australian Football League – An Overview

The Australian Football League (AFL) came into full force in 1990 after the Victorian Football League became a national competition. Even though the game officially started in 1858, it became known only after clubs outside Victoria made their grand entry. Today, AFL gets the highest number of spectators in Australia compared to other sports. Moreover, the sport is watched vicariously on television and online platforms, with more people loving the comfort of their homes than attending the rush and noise of a live game. 

Consequently, the popularity of AFL has given rise to AFL Premiership gambling. Many betting platforms provide weekly statistics and detailed information to all punters. Many of these betting sites also offer live streaming of the Australian Football League because the game remains extremely popular.

The History 

The competition started in 1987 after the Victorian Football Association became the Victorian Football League. The game’s expansion outside Victoria began in the late 1980s, and the name was changed to Australian Football League. Initially, the game was dominated by six clubs – Collingwood, Essendon, Fitzroy, Geelong, Melbourne, and South Melbourne. The richer clubs gained a significant advantage over the weaker teams. Therefore, a salary cap for all the players was introduced by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The neutralization policy eliminated the dominance of the wealthier clubs in the game.

During the late 1980s, several efforts were made to merge various football leagues like the VFL, South Australian National Football League, and the West Australian Football League. However, all the football teams came together owing to the success and profitability of football in Australia. The South Melbourne team relocated interstate to join the VFL and became the Sydney Swans. The association also licensed various football teams like the WAFL and the Queensland Australian Football League to join the VFL.

As of now, Essendon and Carlton have won the Australian Football League 16 times, which makes them the most successful teams in history. The Collingwood team has won 15 times, and the Hawthorn team has remained the most successful team in the last 50 years. However, they have lost their sheen since the 2000s.


The game is structured around 18 teams, so the winner takes it all at the grand final. Victoria has the highest number of teams in the competition. As the timing is short, there are 23 home-and-away rounds played across 22 games. Each team gets one bye before the grand final in September.

The AFL Premiership gambling takes place based on the winners and the several odds of the game. However, the Australian Football League also gives awards to the best and the brightest. The Brownlow Medal is the most prestigious “best and fairest” player award. The field umpires officiated the prize, and Ollie Wines won his first medal in 2021. A Coleman award is also given to the players with the highest number of goals in the season. In 2021, Harry McKay of Carlton won the prize and became the latest winner.


The game’s rules are simple, and it is played on oval-shaped fields. Only 18 players can be on the field at one time. As the sport is vigorous, six points are given for every goal. However, one point is awarded for a “behind” shot. A “behind” occurs when the ball crosses the stretch between the goal post and behind the post. 

There is a lot of kicking and hand-passing of the ball as the ball should touch the ground every 15 meters. However, players are allowed to move around the field freely.


The Australian Football League is the ultimate passion of every Australian. As the game gains popularity, one should head over to check out the AFL gamblings to try their luck. Excellent gambling sites can give odds on head-to-head, line, and margin markets. One should look out for premiership gambling during the peak AFL season.

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