Are Corgis Good Apartment Dogs?

Corgis are very cute little dogs with a small body. Their friendliness and affectionate nature make them really good apartment dogs. Their friendly nature is also helpful when your apartment is visited by outsiders frequently. Corgis are very obedient and very smart dogs and they can be trained well to become a proper well-behaved apartment dog. They sometimes bark a lot when they sense something out of the ordinary but if they are trained well on their barking, they become very well behaved. Your corgi dog will love to be around you and these dogs are small so they do not occupy much space in your apartment.

Outdoor Exercise for Corgis

Corgis are not very enormous and do not have a very great stamina. Corgis are small dogs that are easy to tire out and hence they will not go crazy in your apartment or destroy things. You can take them for daily walks to tire them out. You can fix a schedule for them to take them for walks outside the house. You can make them do outdoor exercise by running and playing with them. Your corgi’s dog will be happy playing and running outside the house and will behave nicely when taken back in the apartment.

Loving and Loyal Corgis

Corgis dogs are very loving, affectionate, and loyal. This is the reason that they are always near you and love to play with you all the time. Corgis are little dogs that weigh around 30 pounds and are good companions for apartment owners. They are not very aggressive and do not bark unnecessarily all the time. Due to their size, they are also not restricted under most of the rules applicable on apartment owners regarding pets. Corgis love the company of their owners and they will love to be around you. They are very loyal and will always guard your home faithfully. 

Playing with toys

You can give your Corgi dog toys to play with such as chew ball, throw ball, rope ball, squeaker ball etc. can be given to your corgi to play with. Your dog will be very happy playing with these corgi dog toys and this will keep him entertained in the apartment. This will prevent corgis from getting bored and if they are bored, they can become destructive. Playing with toys will keep them occupied and it is also helpful if you wish to go somewhere for a few hours. You can leave the dog alone for a few hours while you are working or doing errands and the dog will be busy playing with its toys otherwise it will become bored and frustrated.


Corgis are very friendly dogs and it is a great pleasure to keep them around. They become your little source of happiness and become your loyal companion. You should maintain your Corgi dog, take them for walks and keep them happy and occupied. The corgis will prove to an excellent apartment dog and you will definitely enjoy in its loving and affectionate company.

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