Amazing Augmented Reality Tools to Use in Classroom

In the digital age, modern children have many opportunities for development and studying. With the latest technologies, a student can fly in space, look at a real dinosaur, and conduct chemical experiments like a real scientist. In turn, teachers should make every effort to inspire and motivate their students to develop further. Active implementation and use of software in all areas of education can provide interactive learning for students. And one of these interactive tools is about augmented reality technologies.

Augmented Reality (AR) technologies can project digital info (pics, video, graphics) on top of your device screen and unite virtual objects with the real environment. The Pokémon GO game that was popular a few years ago is a prime example of AR technology. These immersive teaching methods can become the main tool in education and revolutionize the teaching of students. Teachers can use augmented reality to help students interact with various objects in three-dimensional space. Thus, AR will bring new ways of studying and make the learning process much more effective, so students won’t have to read some papersowl review trying to find an academic helper. They will cope with academic burden with ease. 

The Main Benefits of Using AR in Classes

You cannot get an effective learning process without bringing some creativity into it. Students can hardly learn dry and boring material they don’t understand much. The main goal of any teacher is to get their students interested in the subject. You cannot make anyone love science if a person is indifferent to it. And AR changes the whole studying process, bringing vivid emotions and bright colors. Since modern students cannot imagine their lives without smartphones and tablets, they can become great helpers in the learning process. Thus, in addition to social networks, playing games, and chatting, you can use it to achieve better studying results. Your gadget can open the door into the world of augmented reality and simplify the whole learning process when you can get the essence of the subject much faster.

#1 Students get additional motivation

Students waste many hours coping with their assignments just because they cannot stay focused for too long. Usually, most tasks are boring and irritating. They don’t contain any catchy information that will help do their homework with pleasure. Augmented reality can handle this issue since it can provide some animated content and turn the learning process into a small entertainment. It is always pleasant to interact with visual components and run into some interesting or even fun facts that read a dry, official text. When using AR, a student can scan a part of the text and get, for example, some text, video, or audio comments from their teacher. Thus, students will be more interested in studying and completing their tasks instead of looking through edu birdie review and using their services.

#2 Students better understand abstract and difficult concepts

When you deal with an abstract and complicated concept, it can be hard to get its essence and understand everything correctly because you cannot even imagine it normally. However, AR technology allows you to turn it into a 3D model, demonstrating it from all the sides. Thus, students can see how their theoretical knowledge can be applied in practice. If you are a visual learner, you will spend less time learning and understanding material with the help of AR.

#3 Students are better involved in the learning process

Young people don’t show any interest in the curriculum when they feel bored, but AR technology allows you to diversify this process and make it more fascinating. Even if a teacher makes it only a part of the class or provides it as additional info about the topic, students will be much more involved in the lesson. In general, this technology can be applied almost everywhere, whether it is about math or a gym class.

#4 Students will be interested in expanding their horizons 

Many people don’t go to art galleries and museums because such a pastime seems too primitive and dull, but AR technology can bring huge changes to it. Thus, if you direct your phone with AR at the masterpiece, you can find out some interesting facts. You don’t need to hire a tour guide or ask your teacher about everything you are interested in, but you can find out everything right away and expand your horizons dramatically.

#5 Students can model objects 

It doesn’t matter what sphere of life you take, but you will not do without practical exercises and training to get to the essence. For example, if we are talking about medical students, then AR technology can greatly improve their lessons and allow you to examine human anatomy more deeply. And since AR technology is most often about 3D models, you can set the required settings like the angle of rotation or style, for example. Besides, the more advanced gadgets can provide you with well-tailored and almost exclusive animation.

#6 Students will practice more

You can have amazing theoretical knowledge, but you will hardly reach heights without practical skills. When you are only a listener or a passive observer, you know how something should work in theory, but the reality can be different. Thus, AR can become a perfect solution to help you get hands-on expertise in the chosen field without a need to read one more unipapers review trying to get help with homework. A motivated student interested in the curriculum will become a successful specialist after graduation than the one, ordering papers from scam services. 

Augmented Reality Tools to Use

The number of AR tools increases with every year since people realize the whole range of its advantages, so it will not be too surprising when AR tools become an integral part of every curriculum. The digital era has brought its changes in all spheres of life, so why not use all the benefits to the fullest?


It is something between a site and an app with the help of which students can design their own AR expertise using various objects and backgrounds. It can be a 2D or a 3D image or an animated object or a character. Besides, you can accompany everything with sounds and voice messages. Of course, you will have to devote some time to master all the nuances and options before immersing yourself into the project, but it is worth every effort. One of the cool peculiarities is the ability to print a QR code so your groupmates can scan and study your work.

Popar Toys

Do you know why some people don’t like to read books? Their imagination isn’t developed to the required extent to “watch the movie in their heads.” They read words and see nothing. However, this app can change the situation dramatically since it helps animate the story they are reading. So, students will show more interest and will be more enthusiastic about their literature classes. However, this app can be used in different classes when you need to involve students in the learning process. For instance, studying the solar system with this app will be more productive and fascinating.

Augment Education

This app has been designed for college students who have to work on numerous projects and make presentations in classes. Thus, a student can use this app to present their work in 3D design in AR, bringing it to life and drawing their group mates’ attention. It will be suitable for different subjects, whether it is math, medicine, or architecture. It is not to mention teachers who can use this app to make the whole lesson in 3D, involving all students in the studying.


You might have already heard about this AR app, designed specifically for classes to help students gain better knowledge about the solar system. You should just take your phone and direct it to the sky; the app will find planets, constellations, and stars in this part of the sky. Thus, students can identify sky objects and enjoy high-quality images on their devices.

Human Anatomy Atlas

As we have already mentioned, AR technology can become a great helper for students who study the human body. The app brings to life 3D representations of the different parts of the human body the students work on. It provides some additional interesting information related to the chosen part of the body. Thus, you can find out about possible injuries or diseases and get questions to check your knowledge. This app is especially great for college students who have chosen medicine as their further occupation.

Complete Anatomy

It is another wonderful AR anatomy application out there. It provides virtual mockups of the human anatomy, based on the classy anatomical tutorials. Students can study all parts of the body to the level of cells and explore the roles they play in our daily life. Plus, you can choose a certain organ and watch it at work. For example, you can choose a heart and watch how blood circulates through it in real-time. And the best part about this app is that it offers about 300 hours of experts’ lectures. After the in-depth classes, you can test your knowledge by participating in surveys.

CoSpaces Edu

It is an amazing design tool that will find its admirers among IT students who have coding experience. Thus, they can design a virtual 3D world, accomplishing it with infographics. You know that a curriculum suggests various assignments to make students think outside the box, and this tool will become a magic wand.

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