All You Need to Know About Cannabis Distillation

Cannabis distillation is a process that has become much more widely discussed and explored during recent years. It is known to be an effective and efficient way to enjoy cannabinoids in a highly distilled form.

This is a relatively new technique within the world of cannabis, but one that has already seriously improved the quality of many cannabis-related products.

Even though this method is becoming much more widespread, it is not often completely understood by those who use the products, and it can be helpful to learn more about it. If you have an interest in distilling your own cannabis, then this is likely to be even more appealing to you. 

What Is Distillation?

Distillation essentially refers to the process of purifying something to its purest form. In the case of cannabis distillation, this is done in an attempt to create a product with a high potency. 

Before distillation takes place, an initial hemp extraction process will first be undertaken, usually requiring the use of hydrocarbon. It is also not unusual that further processes, such as winterization and decarboxylation, will also happen before distillation begins. 

An effective cannabis distillation process will entirely separate all other compounds and materials from the desired cannabinoid. These might be compounds that are naturally occurring in the plant itself, as well as materials, such as solvents, that are used during the initial extraction stage. 

The distillation process will involve a combination of vacuum pressure and heat alongside evaporation. When the solution reaches boiling point, the cannabinoids will separate from all other materials. It is important to note that THC and CBD have different boiling points when it comes to distillation. 

What Equipment Is Necessary?

For professional distillation to take place, certain items of equipment will be necessary. 

It is possible to obtain glass distillation kits that contain everything that you need to complete this process.  

A short path distillation kit is an optimal choice. It is wise to select a kit that is designed with a large vacuum jacket as this will prevent heat loss during distillation. The increased size of the vacuum jacket also allows for more efficient fractioning and more efficient condensation of vapor. 

Equipment for distillation can be expensive, but it is well worth buying a high-quality kit so that you can be confident in your final product.

Why Is Pure Better?

When cannabis distillate is used as the base ingredient for a product, it will be flavorless and odorless. This is highly desirable when creating edible cannabis products as the taste is then not impacted by this essential ingredient. 

This lack of taste and odor is also important because it allows for greater consistency with the final product. Manufacturers are able to completely control what an edible tastes like and ensure that the same result is achieved every time. 

Additionally, a purer product is naturally more desirable as it has a higher potency. This enables manufacturers to create more effective products that their customers will surely enjoy. 

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