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All about the polyquaternium and its use in the beauty industry

Most people would avoid anything with the word “polyquaternium” on it. If you know how a word got its name, it might be easier to use. In the INCI, it says that the quaternized polymer is one of the ingredients. With this method, positively charged alkyl ammonium chloride groups are added to polymer chains (hence: poly-quatern-ium; polymer, quaternized, ammonium). Some of their spines are positively charged, while others are not. These polymers are made when an amine and a halide join together.

Positively charged polymers are drawn to hair and skin, which have a negative charge. A good example is the polyquaternium 22 which is an excellent conditioning and moisturizing, highly rigid and easy to remove and helps dry and damp hair manageable. For dry, ethnic, and chemically-treated hair Ingredients distributors can provide cosmetics distributors. Cationic polymers are used in hair styling products, hair conditioners, lotions, and creams for skin care. Clear, shiny films are made, which help keep static and frizz under control. Polyquaterniums come in a wide range of polymers. Some are made with cellulose and guar gum while others are amphoteric surfactants. A lot of other molecules are made to order as well. Their properties are affected by their structure, the size (mass) of their molecules, and the density of their electric charges.

Cationic polymers made from cellulose 

Cellulose is made of straight chains of the hydro glucose polymer. Since this polymer is crystalline, it doesn’t dissolve very well in water. By adding hydroxyethyl groups, the structure of the polymer is broken down. This makes the polymer more water-soluble and better for use in cosmetics. The amount of hydroxyethyl substitution and the length of the chain affect how liquid something is. hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), hydroxymethyl cellulose (HMC), hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), and hydroxypropyl cellulose are all polymers in this group. Polymers can keep emulsions stable, make them thicker, and even condition shampoo and conditioner. Polyquaternium-10 and Polyquaternium-4 are made by treating cellulosic polymers with quaternization, which is a chemical process.

Polyquaternium-4 is a type of polymer made from cellulose that has a positively charged backbone. The positively charged groups that hang from the backbone of the polymer make it look like a “hair comb.”This polymer is great at making a film, which helps curls stay in place even when it’s wet. It has a high charge density because of the way its polymer structure is set up. Even though it is thick (it sticks to hair well), tests show that it doesn’t build up much (one can assume it involves washing the substrate with a typical anionic surfactant). Its molecular structure makes it perfect for use in style fixatives, and the product makes hair soft and easy to comb, both when it is wet and when it is dry.

Dissolving and building up

A lot of polyquaternium compounds can mix with water or dissolve in it. Because of how they react with hair when they are charged, they are used in cosmetics. Some evidence suggests that the combination of keratin and polymer is more stable than the combination of Polyquaternium polymer and an anionic surfactant like sodium lauryl sulfate. Even when clarifying shampoos do their best, some polymers can still be left behind. Polystyrene sulfonate, a negatively charged polymer, can be used to get rid of something when other methods don’t work. Researchers have found that polyquaternium-4 doesn’t build up.


Polyquaternium polymers are used in hair and skin care products in several ways because they have a positive charge. If their molecular structure is right, gels and mousses can use their ability to set and stay in place. Due to the buildup of certain polymers on hair, it should be cleaned regularly.

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