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Big machines house significant dangers. Though they are a crucial part of the development, appropriate precautions and licenses are mandatory to eliminate accidents. When it comes to manlifts, they are no different. The manlift training in Houston ensures to impart detailed and essential knowledge to workers to avoid any life-threatening incidents. Manlifts are accessible to employees only, and every organization needs to ensure that their employees have the license to operate them. Hence, proper training is vital to start a career as a manlift operator or related roles.

What is a Manlift?

Manlifts are big revolving machines with a belt. This belt is power-driven and moves unidirectionally. As the name suggests, its purpose is to lift men to perform tasks at height. They are widely popular at construction sites, parking garages, and commercial building cleaning purposes. Workers are at altitude, and power malfunctions are probable. Therefore, it is essential to comply with safety protocols and train for adverse situations that might occur.

OSHO has laid necessary protocols for operating a man lift. As per them, a person needs to be trained to work as a manlift operator. Forfeiting these requirements makes employment illegal and can cause legal complications.

The manlift training in Houston enables workers to be able to handle challenging situations and operate safely. Manlifts are used as working at heights is part of everyday work. Some of such scenarios are at warehouses, lumber yards, construction sites, and other industrial locations. These locations are prone to accidents and are high-risk jobs. Hence, precautions and protocols are crucial to maintaining a thriving and safe working environment.

Manlift is classified into three types depending upon how high the lifts can lift the workers.

  1. Self-propelled- it can lift to a height of 20 feet. 
  2. Push Around- It can lift to a height of 50 feet.
  3. Atrium- It is a heavy-duty lift for unnecessary tasks. It has retractable legs that make it suitable for work in sand and mud.

How to get manlift training?

There are various sources to get manlift training. The training is classified under the Vehicle-mounted work platform by OSHO. Moving platforms pose a high risk for both employees and employers. Not just damaging to the employer’s assets; it is threatening to the employee’s life. It is an employer’s responsibility to make sure that the employee undertakes proper training as per the guidelines of OSHO. Following this, the employer needs to take an on-site evaluation to assess if the worker qualifies for work or not.

A manlift training includes-

  1. Operations of the manlift
  2. Possible hazards
  3. Handling and avoidance of hazards
  4. OSHA Compliance
  5. Documentation support
  6. Renewal support

The renewal support may or may not include free renewal training. The training is valid for three years post which the worker needs to retake the training.


Manlift training Houston can help avoid severe injuries and repercussions from mishandling. A thorough safety practice and operational knowledge are a necessity more than a requirement. Though manlifts and similar giant machines have eased the work, they can cause an equal amount of damage if not used mindfully.

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