Adopt the Right Strategies to Eat Healthier

Surveys show that more people rely on comfort eating to cope with worry and stress as they stay indoors to follow lockdown or shelter-in-place orders. Here, it’s critical to avoid bad habits in order to stay healthy.

Of course, staying healthy during the lockdown requires a multipronged approach. You need the right strategies, and you need to stay disciplined. Let’s look at some tips that may help:

Buy the Right Groceries

It’s a good idea to avoid junk food when buying groceries. Buy fewer potato chips, sodas, processed foods, and unhealthy desserts. Instead, buy fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, lean protein, dairy, and other healthy foods. Healthy nutrition can impact your body positively in several ways:

  • Good cardiovascular health
  • Better eyesight
  • Improved mental health
  • Cleaner and stronger teeth
  • Better breath
  • More energy
  • Stronger kidneys and liver
  • Clearer skin
  • More youthful appearance

While healthier food may seem more expensive to buy, you can save money by planning. For example, if you use the right resources, you can save at Freshco easily. On the right website, you can find the best flyers, specials, and grocery deals to buy seasonal fruit, vegetables, bagged salads, cut fruits, cut vegetables, meat, deli, bakery items, and more.

Increase Physical Activity

Staying at home all day is bad for your physical and mental health. Remember to take a walk every day around the block. Experts say that just walking 30 minutes a day can result in weight loss. Regular exercise also reduces your chances of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, muscular pain, and stiffness.

A fast walk can also release your endorphins. Known as “happy chemicals,” these feel-good neurotransmitters can reduce anxiety, stress and alleviate some forms of depression. If you can’t leave the house, then consider purchasing an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer.

Exercising is also a great way to save some money on your insurance rates.  Matt Schmidt with Diabetes Life Solutions states ” Life and health insurance companies are encouraging their members to live an active lifestyle.  For those who exercise regularly, you may be able to receive discounted life insurance rates.  This is especially encouraging for the diabetes community. Life insurance for people with diabetes is almost always more expensive, and this is a great way to offset some of the higher costs.  As an example, type 2 diabetes life insurance rates could be discounted by 6% to 12% if a person logs four hours or more of exercise weekly.”

Cook Healthier Food

Avoid the temptation of eating hot dogs, pizza, burgers, French fries, and other types of fast food. You should consume such foods in moderation. Likewise, avoid candy and soft drinks. Not only is excessive sugar bad for your heart, but it will damage your teeth.

Check out some healthy recipes online to cook delicious and nutritious food. Consider using modern appliances like an air fryer or an electric pressure cooker. An air fryer can make your favourite foods like French fries and chicken wings without resorting to unhealthy deep-frying techniques. Likewise, an excellent electronic pressure cooker can quickly cook restaurant-quality food for the whole family with some practice.

Drink More Water

Avoid drinking soft drinks and sugary juices. Instead, drink more cold water. Regular consumption of water is good for your body. People who drink more water consume fewer fat, sugar, salt, and calories. Water is also great for your oral hygiene.

Every time you drink water, your saliva production increases, killing bacteria. What’s more, water washes away the gunk in your mouth you may have missed with your toothbrush.

While eating healthier can seem challenging, it’s worthwhile in the long run for your mental and physical health. Remember, the first step is the hardest. Once you’re on the right track, you’ll never look back.

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