Your kids are growing up so fast, and they would eventually want to have grown up parties of their own. In the times of corona, it is better to let them have a little gathering in your own house rather than letting them wander off to somewhere unsafe. They might want zero supervision house-party, but keep in mind that they are still kids who need guidance. If they are allowed an empty house all to themselves, who knows what they might do. That is why parental supervision is mandatory while arranging for a teen house party. Here are some tips on parenting that will allow you to be prepared to meet tough situations.

Hide the Liquor: Your kids want a grown-up party because they want to feel like adults; it’s all very good until they reach for the alcohol. Be firm with your decision about not letting them have any hard drinks.

  • Hide the booze somewhere safe in the house. Lock the liquor cabinet and keep the key with you.
  • In case you find out that some kid somehow brought hard drink in the house, or put something in the punch bowl, be sure to take proper actions. Do not hesitate to call off the party. Treat a teen party like a sleepover as they are still not adult yet.

Limit the Guest: Thanks to social media, one Facebook event, and the whole block know that your son is throwing a party. Kids, you do not know will be coming to your house, and things could soon get out of the hands.

  • Tell your child that you are okay with them throwing a party in the house, but you get final guest approval. Let the other parents know that their kids are at your home, in a safe environment.
  • Follow health safety protocols. Install a hand sanitizing station at the front gate so that everyone can sanitize their hands as they come in.

The Legal Issues: As the kids are growing up, there are bound to be things that will not anticipate. No one can predetermine what is going on in a teen’s life. They are very much emotionally driven and passionate when it comes to their friends and partners. So, many a time, these teenagers get involved in a fight and start breaking things. You might not stop the chaos right away, but it is crucial to be well-prepared.

  • As things go out of the hand, your neighbors might call in the cops. In case the police make an arrest, do not panic. Employ the best bail bonds company in your area to get your child out of the mess. Look into different types of bail bonds to find out the one that suits you the best.
  • Read the legal paperwork well to avoid missing any hearing that your child is expected to be present.

As a parent, it is your duty to let the kids have fun while ensuring their safety. These parties are a great way for kids to develop social skills, but the scaring experiences they are subjected to might have an impact on their outlook to society.

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