Accidents; Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Wear Motorcycle Boots

If you own a motorcycle, or perhaps you are a regular passenger of somebody that does, then you’ll know how awesome it can feel when all is well and good. The trouble is though, if something were to go wrong, then there can be really awful consequences to endure, especially if you aren’t wearing suitable protective clothing. It may be a surprise to know that lower leg injuries are the most common and tend to be the most likely thing to land you immobilised. 

Compulsory, and recommended clothing 

When most people hear motorcycle and safety gear, they will probably be thinking of helmets, which is understandable because they are compulsory, by law. Not only that, but your body might also not be much use without your noggin on its shoulders, however a helmet won’t protect your lower legs like Wheels Motorcycle Boots will, and you can’t exactly walk without those now can you?

Sadly, and it seems somewhat insane that a helmet is the only piece of safety gear that is an absolute must, unless you want to be pulled over by the police and, at the very least, have points taken off your licence. You’d be lucky if that was the extent of your problems as people have been known to have their licence, and or bike taken from them, end up in a cell, or even worse still, end up dead if they crash. 

A step in the right direction 

According to various surveys done, the stats clearly show that although they are less deadly, lower leg injuries tend to be the most common to occur for both the driver, and the passenger of motorcycles. And, they can range from minor to life changing with not much in between, which could seriously affect a happy lifestyle, certainly considering that the stats, even include stationary accidents, and accidents that happen whilst on the move, without having a crash.

It’s hardly surprising really when you think about it because people have been known to wear nothing but a pair of sandals on their feet whilst on a motorbike. With that in mind, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to think what might happen to your lower leg area when placed so closely to something that is going to get really hot. Even a decent pair of trainers isn’t enough to protect you, which is why it’s so important to wear suitable safety boots, as the highway code suggests.

Don’t be part of the madness

Not to slate, or go against the highway code, or the law, but when you see the stats, and then read the law, and the highway code, it seems nothing short of pure madness that suitable riding boots are but a mere suggestion. It’s unbelievable in fact, when the numbers indicate that the average person will suffer at least one lower leg injury throughout their riding career, whether that be minor, or major.

All of which could either be eradicated, or moved from the major, to minor league, if boots were a legal requirement, which might not happen any time soon. Therefore, the smartest thing a rider, or passenger can do to help themselves, is to invest in a decent pair of suitable riding boots, from a well established retailer.

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