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A Social Media Audit Template for any Business

What is a Social Media Audit?

Social media is an essential tool for modern-day brands, but it can be challenging to keep on top of. A social media audit will help you understand the health and effectiveness of your account by analyzing how many people are engaged with each platform across all aspects – likes/shares, shares/reposts, etc. If anything wrong needs fixing or optimizing, these tweaks could make a big difference!

With this knowledge from the audit, it is easy enough to update any necessary changes within one’s campaign, so they stay ahead competitively against other brands out there today!

Brands can perform social media audits with Netbase Quid too easily. Netbase Quid focuses on solving platform-specific challenges while offering an all-inclusive strategy applicable to most platforms.

Considerations When Creating a Social Media Audit Template

Here is a list of this that you should consider including when creating a template to audit your social media.

Your goals: You should include this as part of your overall marketing strategy. However, having specific business goals set out will help create targeted content around them and provide social media analytics with a clear focus to work alongside the social media audit template.

The social media demographics for each platform you’re using and how they differ from one another: This will help you see where your social following is coming from, their interests, etc. It’s crucial that the content you create/share targets these platforms appropriately to appeal to them, which should boost engagement rates! 

Remember age ranges when creating social media posts. Facebook users tend to be older than Twitter or Instagram users; therefore, if targeting an 18-year-old market, make sure not all of your social pages link through here unless this demographic is who you want promoting your business.

Social networks you’re not currently using but want to explore. Think about how social can help your business reach new markets, increase brand awareness, and more. Could social be the answer to helping you achieve your goals? If so, then include them in your templates! You don’t always need all platforms for this, either.

Brands commonly use Pinterest by retail brands (Fashion especially) due to its high engagement rates for sharing images/products. And Instagram has become increasingly popular over recent years, making it another excellent platform for businesses looking at growing their audiences or targeting younger age groups that are significant users of mobile devices too!

Which content works best on each platform: You may find that Facebook isn’t where most people engage with your brand, but Pinterest has high engagement rates. Therefore, when creating your audit template, it’s essential to make social posts that appeal across all platforms, not just one or two. By knowing what content performs well across different platforms, you’ll know exactly who’s engaging with what kind of posts.

What social channels you’re going to be using in the future: This is an excellent bit of a social media audit template because it means that channels should always have a place within your business strategies. As new platforms come out or change their formats/algorithms, etc., you will need to keep up with them and see how they can benefit your efforts, so having this information recorded from day one makes sure social stays at the forefront for businesses!

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