A Look At 7 Interesting Slideshow Ideas For Your Next Family Reunion

A reunion is a time for the whole family to get together and share the happy memories, all under one roof. When we think of a reunion, we imagine slow dinners, a movie night, or time spent in a holiday resort. 

No matter where the family gathers, we find ourselves in a boring family reunion more often than not. And this is not because of the people there, but the lack of fun activities. But who said a family reunion could not be fun and exciting?

With a simple slideshow, you can turn this gathering into a party. Using the best free slideshow maker, you can create beautiful presentations with minimal effort. Think outside the box and fill your family union with games and tricks.

Using a slideshow helps to draw the attention of all the people in the room to once place. This medium, which is often used as a professional tool, can be turned into the best ice-breaking device at your disposal. Use videos and photos to make them colorful and engaging.

7 Interesting Slideshow Ideas For Your Next Family Reunion

We have listed some interesting ways to use slideshows in your party or family reunions. These slideshow activities are about keeping the family engaged.

The only thing you’ll need to make any of these tricks work is a computer, and a large screen to project your slides. You can also use the TV in your living room.   

1. The Year Gone By

Family reunions are an excellent time to cherish the good times. Make a creative presentation with photos and videos collected from all the members of the family. Ask them to send you a few highlights of the year that went by.

These highlights can be anything from college graduation to a fun trip. It could be an award that one of your family members won or any moments of the year that made them happy. Sharing these happy moments with the people you care about makes the evening more intimate.

2. Family Trivia Game

Another fun game to keep the whole family engaged: a trivia game. This is a game commonly played with TV shows or movie trivia.

In your case, the trivia questions need to center around your family. Take time to ask each family member what hidden gems they can share to make a perfect questionnaire.

The family trivia game can be made super refreshing with a quiz-style slide show. Let questions and answers appear on the screen. Add a sprinkle of fun by adding memes, or fun photos of the family member.

3. Family Awards

If you are looking to keep your family engaged and entertained, then plan an award show. Make a slideshow with various categories and distribute fake awards to the people in your family. 

The categories for the awards could be fictional and fun like “Best Cook,” “Most Fun Aunt,” or “Loudest Person of the Family.” Plan your awards in a way that every member of the family receives a prize. The idea is to have fun, so ensure these categories are as out-of-box as possible. 

You can add a creative touch to the slideshow with videos and animations available online, merely use a free youtube converter to get these videos for free. 

4. Holiday Nostalgia

Before we jumped into the digital era, family gatherings were a great place to pull out old albums and share experiences. This reunion can be a unique opportunity to relive these special moments. Gather photos and videos of the last family holiday and make them into a slideshow presentation.

Add entertaining comments and clip-arts to enhance the experience. You can also use pleasant background music if it makes a good fit. Give sufficient time for your family to rejoice in each photo. 

As a bonus tip, you can ask the family to share their stories behind the picture while shuffling through them.  

5. The Lineage Study

This is an exciting concept that could take some time and research to create. Make a slideshow explaining the lineage of your family. Create a family tree and cover all the relationships and back them up with narration or a story like they would in history documentaries.

To make this more fun, add some jokes, and disclose lesser-known facts about your heritage. This is a great way to bundle the whole family into one relatable experience. It also enlightens the younger members of the family about their ancestry.

6. Baby To Now Photo Series

This game is a simple twist on an old party game. The party game involves sharing baby photos, and the guests at the party must guess who the baby could be. The family-friendly twist involves seeing how everyone at home has changed over the years.  

Make an attractive slideshow with photos of each person as an adult, right next to the pictures of them as babies. Ask your family to point out one quality that has remained the same, and one that has changed the most. 

Note that this game may not work with the whole family in one room. 

7. Fact Or Not Game

Here is another game for the whole family to enjoy. Make a slideshow about random family-related facts. 

You might have to ask each guest to submit one truth that is lesser known to the rest of the family. To this collection, add a few fictional facts.

The game involves a fact appearing on the screen, and members of the family need to guess if it’s true or false. The game is fast, fun, and sure to break the ice. You can also use creative images and videos to make the slides more appealing.

Final Thoughts

Some of these games might not be an ideal fit for your family, but these concepts will unmistakably spark more ideas. Making these events into a surprise for a larger group will only peek the excitement in the air.

These activities are simple to create, and any family will find them fun. We can assure you that if you have one such event in your reunion, the family will want more from each time. Give your family a reason to rejoice and remember the reunion forever.

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