A Happy Patient from Delhi Shares His Experience of Gynecomastia Surgery!

Hello, my name is Ranveer Mehta. I am 39 years old. A few months ago, I was having swollen breasts and puffy nipples due to gynecomastia. I underwent the surgery from one of the clinics in Delhi. I am sharing my experience here so that someone else can get an idea of what exactly the surgery constitutes.

Feeling of embarrassment

Over the last couple of years, I have been suffering from an embarrassing condition, gynecomastia. I developed swollen breasts with visible nipples as I was going through puberty. In hope that once the hormonal levels normalize, this will go on its own I kept ignoring the condition.

Unfortunately, even after a couple of years, when I was 25 the enlargement didn’t subside. The condition just got worse. From herbal supplements to intense workout sessions at the gym, I tried everything. It just helped me lose weight but my breasts remain swollen and perky. I didn’t participate much in any group activity and was kind of reclusive throughout college life.

The main reason was that the enlarged breasts bothered me. I was unable to socialize with anyone as I was embarrassed by my body. When it was time for my marriage, I tried some ayurvedic medicines and practiced some yoga asanas that helped subsided the breasts only to some extent. I felt revitalized and boosted my confidence. But I didn’t realize that my happiness was only temporary.

A year ago, I was experiencing visible signs of gynecomastia again. The breasts have swollen again with puffiness around the nipples. There was some skin discoloration too. Initially, I thought these are signs of breast cancer. I started wearing loose-fitting clothes but even after that, the nipples were visible.

I could feel my self-confidence dampened and my productivity lowered. During every meeting, I could feel people talking about my chest and this started to bug me. I was thinking of this day-in and day-out and ultimately stopped talking to my friends. This time I was determined to get rid of this problem permanently. I began the quest of finding the appropriate treatment option.

While I was searching for the symptoms of gynecomastia on the internet, I came across the website of Pristyn Care. I looked up the website and checked that they offer treatment options for gynecomastia. To make sure that the information provided on the website was genuine, I called them up and spoke in detail about the problem. After speaking with one of the executives, I was satisfied and hence, booked an appointment with one of their doctors on the same day itself.

At the doctor’s clinic

As my appointment was prebooked, I didn’t have to wait much longer. I was skeptical of visiting the clinic but when I reached the clinic, it was a relief when I saw they were taking all the necessary measures for sanitization. Every staff member was wearing masks and PPE kit and people who were waiting were practicing social distancing. The receptionist showed me to the doctor’s chambers.

I explained the whole scenario to the doctor. He didn’t cut me off in between and listened to my problem very intently. He asked questions related to my medical history, family history as well as lifestyle habits. He physically examined my breasts and felt under the nipples to check for any hard lumps. He confirmed that I was suffering from stage 3 gynecomastia. He further explained that this is a severe stage of the condition that can be treated with surgical intervention.

The doctor said, “The treatment will be in two phases. First, you need to undergo liposuction and after that a gland excision surgery.” Next, he explained what both the surgical procedures comprised of and what to expect after the surgery. The liposuction is a surgical procedure that patients undergo to enhance the body shape while gland excision surgery is the procedure to remove excess skin from under the breasts. Seeing me all worked upon hearing this, he reassured me that both the procedures are performed under the influence of anesthesia which there won’t be any pain or discomfort. After hearing this, I agreed to undergo the treatment.

Preparing for the surgery

The executive from Pristyn Care helped me with the paperwork needed for the financing of the surgery. Personally, this was a great help for me. The doctor explained to me that the results of the gynecomastia surgery majorly depends on the preparation. So I took all the necessary preparatory steps that the doctor asked me to. I must add here that it was due to prepare precautionary measures only that ensured there are no major complications during the recovery period. I am mentioning the steps below so that someone who is undergoing the surgery can also take them-

  • Completed all the diagnostic tests such as blood tests, urine tests, etc. prior to the surgery
  • Purchased a compression garment online
  • Quit drinking or smoking permanently
  • Stopped taking my vitamin or protein supplements for one week before the surgery
  • Didn’t take any blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin for one week prior to the surgery

The surgery day

The day of the surgery went smoothly as I expected. I woke up early on the day of the surgery. As asked by the doctor, I made sure I didn’t eat not drink anything before the surgery. I quickly got ready and was waiting for the car to take to me to the hospital. Surprisingly, the cab provided was right on time and picked me up from my doorstep. I reached the hospital on time. The Care Buddy waiting for me at the hospital assisted me with the entire admission process and showed me to my private room. The room was well ventilated and very hygienic. All the equipment was sanitized properly.

Shortly, a nurse helped me changed into the hospital scrubs and prepped me for the surgery. He checked a couple of body parameters which were normal. The anesthetist came in slowly administered the anesthesia. Its effects started kicking off and within a few minutes, I went into a deep sleep.

After a couple of hours, I came into my senses. The doctor checked up on me and confirmed that the procedure was completed successfully. There was a bandage around my chest and I felt a little tired. The doctor checked up on me regularly and within a couple of hours, they discharged me.

Recovery from the surgery

After going back home, I took proper rest and worked from home for a week. I wore the compression garment as instructed by the doctor. I followed some post-operative instructions that helped me lower the risk of any complications. Here are some pointers I kept in mind-

  • Didn’t lift, bend at any cost
  • Didn’t over exhaust myself
  • Avoided going under the sunlight
  • Didn’t practice any heavy workout
  • Drank lots of liquids
  • Took proper care of the wound
  • Didn’t drive for a week
  • Ate a nutritious diet
  • Took brisk walks on the second day itself
  • Took painkillers whenever needed
  • Avoided soy products, canned items or packaged items
  • Started exercising only after proper recovery

By the fourth week of the surgery, the swelling subsided completed. I could see the results and didn’t need to wear the compression garment anymore. After consulting with gym experts, I took up some chest-targeted exercises to flatten the chest.

Last few words

Its been two months since the surgery and I am already feeling confident of myself. I am back to being super-productive and started socializing with my friends. The gynecomastia has been treated completely. I would like to conclude by saying that choose surgery to treat the problem permanently and most importantly, keep realistic expectations.

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