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A Guide to Parting Your Hair When Using Extensions

Hair extensions can be a fun way to add some definition and flair to your hairstyle. With so many options available today, it’s incredibly confusing for beginners to understand how to choose the perfect one for their needs.

When it comes to extensions hair texture and quality definitely need to be considered. When you’re thinking of trying out multiple hairstyles with your hair extensions, here are some pointers to help you not make any mistakes.

Don’t Be Aggressive

Hair extensions are not something you can tear off whenever you want to. Depending on the type of hair extensions you’ve got, you might need to be very strategic when it comes to parting your hair.

If you’ve got clip-in extensions, you have liberty in deciding your hair part before you start clipping your extensions on. However, if you’ve got tape-in extensions or a weave, you must be careful and not let your extensions peek through.

Finding the Ideal Extensions

If you like to experiment with different hairstyles and parts, you must take care not to get the wrong extensions. This can limit your ability to experiment. It’s crucial to research beforehand to ensure you’re making the right decision regarding your extensions.

For the most flexibility and options, clip-in extensions are perfect. You can choose to do whatever hairstyle you want and insert the extensions later. With tape-in extensions, you have to be careful about not parting exactly where the extensions have been put in, or you can ask your hairstylist to install them towards the bottom of your scalp for lower visibility.

Extension Placement

When you’re parting your hair, you don’t want your extensions to be too close to the part because they may end up showing the extension in its entirety. Instead, aim for careful placement of extensions so that they are nowhere near your hair part.

When you’re parting hair, you want to ensure that it doesn’t make your hair look disproportionate on one side compared to the other. Hair extensions are tricky enough without factoring in hair parts. After you get used to it, it might not even take more than ten minutes.

Blending Your Extensions In

Once you’ve parted your hair, you must ensure that your extensions are not peeking through from anywhere. With clip-in extensions for hair, it can be easier to manage things such as blending. 

When you have short hair and plan on getting long extensions, there are some things to keep in mind. For help in blending your natural hair to the extensions, watch videos or read through guides. It is especially crucial for beginners to do so.

Keeping Your Extensions in Place

Once you’ve decided on the hair part and hairstyle you want to go for, it’s ideal to ensure that your extensions don’t move around too much either. When you have a weave or tape-in extensions, this isn’t really a concern. However, with clip-in extensions, you might have to be careful not to tug too hard.

Not all hairstyles require extensions, which is the excellent part about flexible hair extensions like halo and clip-in. You can choose when to put them on and when to take them off without ever having to step foot in a salon.

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