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A Guide To Diabetic Socks

Everyone desires to live longer so that they can be with their loved ones longer. However, people’s lifestyles related to food are changing, and more people are becoming unhealthy. Consequently, diseases like diabetes have become more common in this generation. 

Diabetes is an illness defined by a high glucose level in the blood. If a person has an abnormally high blood sugar level, it might result in life-threatening health concerns. Fortunately, there are now many diabetic treatments available today, like using diabetic compression socks.

Scientifically, diabetes can impair blood circulation and cause edema in the lower legs and feet of a person. Your doctor may prescribe compression socks for such problems. Socks with a slight compression can aid in the reduction of edema without aggravating blood circulation. If you want to know more about why these socks are increasingly popular these days, please read its benefits checklist.

1. It keeps your feet cool and dry.

Experiencing swollen legs and excessive sweating is a familiar diabetic experience, especially at night. Doctors highly recommend wearing compression socks to keep the patient’s feet dry.

Patients can sleep well or walk well when they are not bothered by any weird feeling when the feet produce so much sweat.

2. It eliminates the undesirable smell.

A person with diabetes naturally experiences sweating. Because of it, their feet can produce a strong odor when it is left neglected. The pungent smell is so evident that anyone near the patient will find themselves wanting to avoid it.

3. It contains antibacterial elements.

A person with diabetes is prone to get wounded in the feet. However, diabetic compression socks have antibacterial elements. These elements help fight the bacteria present in the patient’s injuries. Consequently, as the cuts heal, it prevents the high possibility of increasing its number in the legs and feet of the patient.

4. Socks are Padded.

The diabetic compression socks have padding in the sock cushions, which protects the foot injuries.

Now that you have understood its function, you might also be wondering how to use it, right? The steps are easy to follow. So if you already have these unique socks at home, just follow the instructions below.

How to Wear?

You must keep your socks on during the day, and you must take them off before going to bed. Keep in mind that you must keep at least two pairs of extra socks to prevent wearing the same one over and over again, which can spread infectious diseases in the swollen legs.

To properly wear these socks, insert your toes into the toe section before gently rolling and sliding them back over your heel. After that, you must use your fingertips or palms to move softly and glide the stocking up your leg until it reaches your ankle bone. You need to be extra careful with the top of the socks because they can rip more quickly than the rest of the hose!

Final WordsPeople want to be healthy. Therefore, you can use this information to guide yourself on how to use diabetic compression socks. It would be best not to ignore diabetes, so make it a practice to visit your doctor to monitor your condition regularly. Even though these socks are good for diabetic patients, it is still preferable to follow the recommendations of specialists.

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