A Dub strain and 6 other Must-Try Potent Cannabis Strains

The growing popularity of marijuana as a home remedy and a recreational herb is definitely undeniable. For centuries, weed has been used by communities across the world for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Not all marijuana strains are created equal; today, we are bringing you some of the most potent stains, with A-Dub at the top of our list (North York weed delivery). 

There are more than 779 known cannabis strains. Some strains will take you on a high that induces a euphoric, cerebral buzz. Other types of weed are known for bringing on mild sedative effects and feelings of relaxation. Strong strains have higher THC concentration levels, even among high THC strains, there is a hierarchy of the most potent strains. This is always changing, just a few decades ago, the strongest strains had THC levels of about 10%. Nowadays, you can find strains with more than 20% THC nowadays. Here are some of the top plants in our books. 


A-Dub is a powerful weed strain with THC levels between 25 and 28%. High Times magazine named A-Dub, the second strongest strain in the world, in 2014. This smoke is definitely not recommended for newbie smokers and those who have a low THC tolerance. It is a good way to wind down after a long day or week, and we would not recommend lighting this one up during the daytime. This potent hybrid is 20% Sativa and 80% Indica. The plant itself has vivid green nugs that are covered in bright orange hairs and resin. A few puffs of A-Dub release tantalizing citrus and floral flavors with some spicy notes. 

Kosher Kush 

 In 2012, Kosher Kush was the winner of the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. With a THC that hovers above 20%, Kosher Kush almost instantly induces a cerebral high. This strain will give you a powerful yet lazy body buzz; if you are a novice user, this may leave you quite sedated. The high will also lift your mood thanks to its Sativa lineage. The strain gets in name from being the first commercial cannabis strain to be blessed by a Rabbi. Many smokers in the cannabis community believe that the Rabbi’s blessing ensures a tranquil and enlightened high. 

Fat Banana

Fat Banana marijuana has a yellowish color, and a pretty distinct banana influenced flavor. This is a balanced hybrid strain with THC levels that measure above 25%. It has a Weed for sale tropical fruit flavor that makes for a smooth smoke. The high from the strain is quite cerebral in nature; it brings on a sense of euphoria and can induce deep sleep. This is another strain that we would not recommend for novice weed consumers.  


Hulkberry is the strain for people looking for a hybrid with epic THC levels. This bud has a THC concentration of 28%. It has a fruity flavor and brings on a cerebral buzz. 

Green Gelato

Green Gelato cannabis has its roots in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a good choice for smokers who enjoy sweet treats. Green Gelato is a hybrid that was created by crossing Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains. In terms of flavor, this bud combines fruity notes with sweet cookie flavors with some spicy hints. The strain has a THC concentration of 25% and gives an uplifting high that can end in a couch-lock.


Chemdawg marijuana has a staggering THC level of 32%. This cannabis strain is certainly not for the faint at heart; newbie smokers should steer clear of this one and leave it for the veterans. The strain has a unique diesel flavor and a very pungent smell to match it. The high is known to stimulate creativity; it is a favorite among creative professionals. 

Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla has a THC level of 26%; novice smokers can try it in limited doses. It has light-green buds with fresh citrus flavors complemented by pine tones.

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