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A Basic Guide To Buying Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair

One will almost always be confused when it comes to picking a pack of braiding hair and deciding if it is pre-stretched or not. Well, for all those users, this article is a perfect read. Here you will learn about how you can tell if the braiding hair you are buying is pre-stretched or not. For starters, you need to know what you are looking at. Pre-stretched braiding hair, more commonly known as pre-tapered or pre-feathered hair, comes with a natural taper at the ends. 

On the other hand, you will find normal packs having blunt ends. It is best you look for braids that come with loose ends, sealed by dipping in hot water. For blunt-end braiding hair, use a braid sealer or lighter to seal the hair. If that is what you prefer, you will be more suited to a normal pack than pre-stretched hair. Since stretching can take some time, most stylists prefer working on previously stretched hair. If not, they often charge a higher fee to stretch your hair before the appointment. 

How To Tell If The Product Is Pre-Stretched?

If you are on websites like Alibaba or in a retail shop, understanding what you are buying is absolutely important. There are a number of ways you can tell apart pre-stretched hair before you make the purchase. For online shoppers, product descriptions are the best way to understand if you are buying exactly what you are looking for. 

It will tell you everything you need to know about the product, including if it is pre-stretched or not. It will also explain what it means and how it can help the style you are going for. However, if you are in a hurry and already know what pre-stretched braiding hair entails, you can just check the name. The name of the product will have ‘pre-stretched’ mentioned somewhere in it. 

If you are out shopping for pre stretched braiding hair and other beauty supply or on a website, that does not clearly give you this information, there are other ways to tell it apart. Firstly, since pre-stretched hair is a feature most people look for while buying braiding hair, it will almost always be mentioned somewhere in the name. If not, you can check the ends of the hair. A normal pack of braiding hair will always have blunt ends. However, pre-stretched braiding hair will have rather pointy and tapered ends.  

It is important to know that any braiding hair can be stretched by hand as well. So if you are looking for a particular color but cannot find the pre-stretched option, you can still buy it. You will find a number of tutorials on the internet about how to stretch your braiding hair. Nevertheless, this is not a problem you have to face when shopping from Alibaba. 

They have a myriad of options that will surely fit every criterion you are looking for. In addition to that, you can rest assured that all their products are well-reviewed and high-quality. With such ease of operating the website and ensured quality products, you have nothing to worry about when shopping from these reputed online shopping sites.

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