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9 Best Things About Free Laser Cut Files

Free laser cut files are great, but you might wonder why anyone would want them if they’re free. If you’re a curious cat, I highly suggest you check out Perhaps you’ll see what all the fuss is about!

Many hobbyists and small businesses are using laser cut files to bring their ideas to life. And if you’re considering using them, there are many things that make them worth your time and money. We’ve compiled this list of the 10 best things about these free files so you can see for yourself how these can be beneficial to you, your business, and your craft projects!

1) They are free

Sure, you can pay someone to make your laser cut files for you. But then you’d have to spend a chunk of money (which is never fun). You could also just make them yourself, but even if you can use a design program like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, it would take hours and hours. 

These two options aren’t exactly bad unless you don’t want to spend any time at all on designing your own laser cut file. And let me tell you, it’s OK! If we all designed our own everything all of the time, life wouldn’t be very efficient. My point: free laser cut files are super-convenient because they require almost no effort—and time is money, right?

2) They are made by professionals

Free laser cut files come from professional designers. And so, you can be sure you’re getting a good quality file! There are hundreds of professional designers out there just waiting to help you create something fun and useful. 

It doesn’t matter that these designs will never make money or bring any other sort of prestige to their creators. People love them because they look great and each one is made with care by people who do what they do for purely altruistic reasons. No one does it for money; everyone does it for sheer love of craftsmanship and creation.

3) They support designers’ careers

Many designers release their designs to build up a portfolio, which is hard to do without making them available for download online. It’s also hard to find a specific design you want and know if it’s available in physical form or not. 

So if more people are using these free files, there will be more designers providing them, which can help these designers make a living! They support education: Everyone has different goals when learning about free laser cut files.

4) No materials are needed

Because you’re using a laser cutter, you don’t need to buy any materials at all. Many cutters will even allow you to bring in your own materials, so if you have a favorite paper or a certain type of wood or metal, it doesn’t matter. Plus, if you accidentally ruin some of your materials (or run out), it won’t cost anything extra to buy more—you can just grab them at an art supply store!

5) There are many options to choose from

Laser cut files are available in different formats, such as .dxf, .svg, .ai, and .png. If you are looking for such files online, choose one of these formats to ensure that your file will work with most laser cutting software. Also, remember that each type of format has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

The free vector files offered on many sites can often be modified in design software like Adobe Illustrator or even Microsoft Word.

6) They are easy to edit

If you are familiar with using Illustrator or Sketchup, then you can easily edit a laser cut file. Because they are vector files, any edits that you make are automatically reflected on all copies of your design. You don’t have to go back and adjust each one individually. In most cases, you can simply open up your file in Illustrator or Sketchup and tweak it as needed.

7) They can be used in any file format and software

While it’s possible to use paid CAD software for laser cutting, you can use free open-source programs such as Inkscape or OpenSCAD. 

By using a program that is free of cost, you are able to use your file anywhere for any laser cut job without having to pay for software. It saves you both time and financial costs.

8) They have detailed plans with well-defined cuts, sizes, etc.

One of our favorite aspects of laser cut files is that they include clear, exact plans for you to work from. No longer do you have to guess how many pieces make up a project—or where exactly you need to cut. With free plans, it’s all there!

9) They take up less space than a 3D model

This is a big one. A 3D model will always have more detail than a laser cut file, but it takes up more space on your computer. That means you can’t store as many projects on your computer without filling it up quickly. 

The advantage of using laser cut files is that you can store multiple projects in one space-saving file, which means you’ll have much more room for future endeavors.

Final Thoughts

Download as many free laser cut files as you can. From bookshelves to desks to sofas, there are tons of project options out there that you’re sure to find useful and creative. 

These resources will allow you to get creative with your workshop and help you finish projects with unique flair. It’s easy, safe, and fun!

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