8 Tips to Finding the Perfect Volkswagen Car for Your Needs

When buying a new or used Volkswagen car, you need to do some homework to find your perfect ride. Going into a purchase with an idea of what you want will help ensure that you don’t end up with a long-term headache. 

Knowing precisely what VW car out there will best fit your lifestyle, you stand a better chance of finding the perfect ride both now and in the future. It’s recommended you visit the website of your local certified dealerships to learn about local listings.

So if you’re currently on the hunt for that perfect Volkswagen, then it’s time to put into practice these eight helpful tips that can help you find the right vehicle no matter what your needs happen to be. Here, they are:

1. Know Your Budget

When buying a new or used Volkswagen car, you must know precisely how much money you can afford. So it’s best to sit down and take some time to do this before setting one foot out your door. 

It’s also essential to include possible finance, servicing, and insurance costs in this total, as these items will increase your monthly outgoings.

2. Do Your Research

Once you’ve set yourself a budget for buying your Volkswagen car, the next step is to do all of your research before setting foot on any dealerships’ forecourts. 

Taking the time to do this on your own first will make the whole car-buying process far more straightforward for you as you can take your time finding what works for you instead of trying to understand all of the tags and jargon used by dealers staff. 

Furthermore, once you’ve done this initial research, you can make a list of all the features, performance stats, design elements, and interior trims that are important to you.

3. Make a Dealership Map

One of the best ways to find what car dealerships are close to you is Google Maps. Creating your dealership map makes it easy to see precisely how many dealerships are within a certain distance from you. 

You can then use this information to your advantage by setting out on a test drive tour to not have to travel too far to test-drive the cars that interest you. 

Be sure, however, to set time limits for yourself so that no matter how interested in any given vehicle you are, you stay within your budget.

4. Know Your Car’s Value

If you know what kind of condition your car is in and how much it could be worth if traded in right now, then this gives you a far better idea of what price to expect from any dealership offering to buy it off you. 

While the amount they offer may be lower than your actual price in mind, you mustn’t immediately dismiss the offer they give you. 

Knowing the car’s value before buying any new or used Volkswagen car means you can set out to accept a replacement with far more confidence.

5. Top Up Your Warranty

You should consider topping up your current warranty to avoid any risks. 

While it may cost more than not having one, this peace of mind is well worth the extra money paid. Increasing your existing warranty, you can rest assured that the dealership covers all repairs for the initial term without the added worry of what you’ll do if there is a problem.

6. Ignore the Extra Packages

Knowing which additional packages are available on your chosen Volkswagen car makes it easy to end up paying extra by adding on things that you won’t be using or need. 

By knowing exactly what each package includes before setting out to buy any Volkswagen car, it means that you can avoid any unwanted or unnecessary additions to your final purchase price.

7. Ignore the Colour

While Volkswagen car colors are essential to some drivers, most agree that they shouldn’t be your primary consideration when buying a new or used Volkswagen car. 

After all, if you love the model but don’t like the color it comes in, you can always get your car painted to match your tastes at a later date.

8. Get an Agreement in Writing

When buying any new or used Volkswagen car, you must ask the dealer to provide you with a written agreement on all their terms and conditions. The contract should also include the needs of the manufacturer they are selling the car through. 

By asking for this agreement in writing, it’s easy to have them sign their terms and conditions if they don’t meet your expectations, making negotiations between you both much easier when things don’t work out as planned.

Wrapping Up

When buying a new or used Volkswagen car, you must visit the websites of many dealerships and find one you feel comfortable with. Research and preparation will help you avoid any fake offers or unnecessary add-ons.

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