8 Best Kickass Torrents Options That Run in 2020-21 [& Stay SAFE]

Kickass Torrents proxies are filigree proxies especially for combining to Kickass Torrents, or different torrent sites. Kickass Torrents has implied shut down various times and has ought to move around to avoid legal issues.

What is KickassTorrents?

KickassTorrents (KAT) happened a website that implemented an online catalog for torrent files and magnet links for peer-to-peer file sharing and downloads besides the BitTorrent etiquette. KAT began in 2008 and by late-2014, it stood the most visited BitTorrent directory in the world.

In July 2016, the domain signified seized by the U.S. government and the site’s servers happened to shut down by its staff. While downloading files using torrents is not illegal? numerous of the files on certain sites may be copyrighted, and sharing copyrighted materials is illegal.

KAT’s former staff members 8edited the site and relaunched a similar site in December of 2016 with similar features and appearance.

Best Alternatives to Kickass Torrents That Sculpture Right Instantly

1- Pirate Bay – Most reliable Torrent Site Overall

Amongst these best KickAss Torrents alternatives is the PirateBay. But over copyright infringement, many ISPs have blocked it and its mirror domains.

The Pirate Bay offers you a huge selection of torrents, currently standing at over one million, traversing a wide change of categories.

The interface is easy to navigate, so you shouldn’t have an enigma finding what you’re looking for.

Thanks to the reputation of The Pirate Bay, it has been blocked by several ISPs, but a solid VPN will enable! you to overcome these restrictions.

Pirate Bay

2- 1337x  – Most maximum regular Torrent Site 

If you love places like pirate bay and KickAss, 1337x would be your go-to torrent download situation.

The match to peer file-sharing site has occurred around for a protracted time that makes it reliable and prominent. Just like KickAssTorrent, 1337x offers a naive, user-friendly exploration bar with no sophisticated design.

You can also search torrent columns and magnet links by categories. Or you can head on to its Top 100 district for most trending torrents on the website.


3- iDope – Largest natural Torrent Site 

It is a different torrent and video download site. It concedes you to create anything you explore. but also claims never to track its visitors. iDope is an excellent alternative to kickass torrent.

The iDope homepage enters not much more than a torrent indexer bar with a tagline: “A tribute to KickassTorrent.” iDope even has a Chrome plugin and an Android app. The aid is also available on the darknet.


4- Torlock- most generous Torrent Site 

The avid torrenters who only crave to download videos and TV shows; Torlock is the most reliable kickass alternative because of the valuable catalog of concerts and movies it has. In strong difference to others, Torlock manages extensive networks of torrent sharing in multiple divisions, with higher speeds and consistent quality.


5- YTS – popular Torrent Site 

YTS comes from the producers of Yify Torrents. Its chief purpose is downloading HD movie files. Although the initial Yify Torrents has happened shut down, many glasses are running now that tranquil receive large amounts of traffic.


6- LimeTorrents – common Torrent Site 

LimeTorrents is a satisfactory alternative if the item of your favorite torrenting sites is down, although thanks to disagreements and downtimes, it only reached number seven on our list.

This site is solely about the agreement, meaning that you will only find torrents approved by a number of users.

The simple and easy-to-navigate user interface is a higher plus point, as is a large number of seeders of new releases, guaranteeing fast speeds.

However, if you’re seeming for something an abrupt older, don’t count on LimeTorrents as older flows are often forgotten.


7- RARBG – traditional Torrent Site 

RARBG is a torrent site that stores torrent files and magnet fasteners for peer-to-peer file sharing practicing the BitTorrent protocol. RARBGs is blocked in 16 countries, for various reasons. RARBG is one of the best torrent sites for finding new content.

There is a tremendous choice of torrents, organized into many useful categories – such as Top Ten lists of movies or TV shows – to help you locate the torrents you’re looking for.

As it has been progressing in popularity in contemporary years, RARBG has been blocked in a number of countries?, including Bulgaria, the UK, Portugal, and Denmark.


8- ExtraTorrent – most extensive Torrent Site 

One of the largest BitTorrent websites, ExtraTorrent has recently relaunched with a new URL, encouraging a new and upgraded version of

While the design is a scarce chaotic, you bottle download from a huge compilation of the latest movies, TV shows, software, games, and music.

Since the administration keeps a sticky eye on BitTorrent custom, users prefer proxy sites during the breast of their torrent clients to hide IP addresses and access KickAss. Check the most popular source i.e.,

Forgetting you should note that there is no legal way to download movies for free that are still in theaters.


A Word Of Caution

Torrenting in the greatest countries is legal. Nonetheless, managing torrenting sites to download and share copyrighted elements – such as the latest movies and music releases – is illegal.

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