7 Unique Birthday Cakes and Treats For Kids

Got a kid’s birthday around the corner? In that case, you are surely looking for ways to turn a regular vanilla cake more appealing or ideas for unique birthday cakes and treats. Some of the ideas that you find online may be creative but not easy to master if baking at home. In some cases, you may not find the exact design with online bakeries in your budget. So, it is wise to search for feasible ideas in terms of cost and effort. You are in the right place, as we have done the search work for you.

  1. Colourful Sixlet Cake: Sixlet is a colourful candy coming mouth-watering flavours. They are available in packets at candy stores, and online stores as well. Buy packets of sixlets, bake a cake, and then decorate it with it. How to do it? 
  • After baking the cake, cover it with chocolate frosting as kids love chocolate flavour. 
  • On top of the frosting, put sixlets in any pattern. The creamy texture of the icing will provide the sticky base for the sixlets to stay in place. 

2. Fondue Cupcake: Cupcakes equate to little cups of sweet happiness. Small in size but satisfying, no less than a whole cake. Frosting cupcakes are regular. Cupcakes decorated with swirls of flavoured icing and topped with either sprinkles or fruits. What will be more tempting for the kids will be fondue cupcakes. Not a difficult task, just a twist to the regular frosting. 

  • Bake a batch of cupcakes
  • Make running frosting that will act as your fondue. 
  • Use confetti sprinkles on top 

3. Painter Cake: The name looks fascinating, and that will work in your favour. Painter cake is the perfect choice for the upcoming birthday of little Piccasso. See the steps to know how to go with this idea and you will be surprised how easy to do so. 

  • Bake a cake of any flavour and layer it with flavoured icing. 
  • On the top layer, either uses edible paints or buttercream to make a drawing.
  • Make sure you cut the cake into equal and perfect squares, each of them with edible art on it. 

4. Cool Cupcake Cones: A summer birthday calls for ice-creams. But, the talk is about being creative in your serving. How about cupcake cones? Sounds cool! Cupcake cones will give the kids a cooling and sweet experience, just like the way kids love. 

  • Bake a batch of cupcakes 
  • Now, fix ice-cream cones to cupcakes
  • Use ice-cream based frosting for icing of the cupcakes
  • You can decorate the cupcakes as you like or with available ingredients 

5. Dig-In Jar Cake: Inculcating good habits in kids can be a challenge for parents. Kids are to be taught in a creative way so that they learn it easily and retain the information. If you want to inculcate in your child the love for nature, do it sweetly with dig-in jar cakes. These are basically mud pots with greenery!

  • Fill a cup in the shape of a planter with layers of cake crumbs and buttercream frosting. It should resemble mud in the garden. 
  • Use mint leaves and edible flowers for foliage
  • Add in some worm bear candies for curiosity
  • Serve with spade-like spoons. 

6. Cake Lollipops: The beauty of a cake lies in the fact that it can be served in hundred ways and still taste delicious. Lollipop is every kid’s most relished candy, and that’s the inspiration for this sweet treat, cake lollipops. 

  • Make a cake and crumble it. 
  • Shape into rounds or any shape with the help of frosting
  • Insert lollipop sticks into the balls.
  • Melt chocolate and dip the prepared cake lollipops into it, decorate and refrigerate it. 
  • Serve chilled

7. Cakesicles: Another cake-based variety made creative and utterly tasty for the kids. Cakesicles are popsicle sticks made and frosted like a cake. Cakesicles will give your kid the taste of both the world, cake, and ice-cream. 

  • Make a thick and sticky cake batter. Shape into popsicles
  • Add to it ice-cream sticks
  • Dip the cakesicles into frosting liquid, refrigerate and decorate as you like. 

These were the seven unique cakes and treats that you can bake for your kid at home. If not, you can avail any of these at your doorstep via the online cake delivery in Hyderabad from a bakery or gifting shop. 

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