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7 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Watch Repaired

A good watch can last for decades. They can be passed down to the next generation as heirlooms if they are well taken care of.  

It is crucial to recognize tell-tale signs that your watch needs repair and maintenance if you want it to last a long time. The longer you wait, the more expensive the repair will be and the greater chance of it falling outside your warranty or protection plan.

Are you unsure if your watch needs repair? To answer this question, here are the most common warning signs you shouldn’t ignore if you value your precious timepieces.

1. If your watch is running too slow or too fast

Inconsistent time speed is the most common sign that your watch requires a service. The watch will always have some margin of error. This means that it may be a few seconds too fast or too slow. If your watch is not accurate, it’s best to have it serviced.

People often put off servicing because they think it will cost too much. Watch repairs and servicing can become expensive if the watch isn’t maintained.

2. If your watch no longer keeps time

An obsolete watch will not keep time, but it is possible to have your watch repaired. Quartz watches are well-known for their accuracy. If you lose a few minutes each day, it is an indication that something is wrong. Having your watch checked by watch repair professionals as soon as possible can prevent costly repairs or further damage to your watch.

3. If your watch has a skipping second hand

Both quartz and mechanical watches can experience this jumping problem. These issues may be due to weak batteries. Though it doesn’t affect the accuracy of the watch, it should still be addressed immediately. To determine the best course of action, it is best to contact watch repair professionals.

4. If your watch has moisture

Watch components can rust from moisture, especially from chemicals. Rust can be a complex issue even for experts watch repair agents. For that reason, you may want to prevent it from becoming a significant problem.

Your watch seals may have failed to seal properly the last time it was serviced.You may notice moisture under the glass and it’s a sign that your watch seals have not been working correctly. A professional can diagnose the problem and repair it. Remember that it’s much simpler to fix the seals than it is to deal with rust.

5. If it makes rattling noises

Another sign to contact professionals to repair your watch is rattling sounds. This is a sign that there are broken or loose parts inside the watch. These noises are challenging to detect and may require you to spend a few minutes in quiet rooms to hear them.

It doesn’t matter what is inside a watch; what matters is that you can identify the signs that show it needs repair. 

6. If your watch is frequently malfunctioning

Watches with built-in calendars or stopwatches are more likely to experience this problem. Some watches will still work after a few hours but stop in a few minutes. It would be best to have them checked out by watch repair professionals. This prevents further damage and allows them to inspect for any loose parts.

7. If your watch has issues in adjusting time

The stem that connects your watch to the watch movement is the connection for the crown. This is where you can make minor adjustments to the time or date. You will only need to do this for special occasions like Daylight Savings. However, if your crown becomes too loose or stiff, it may signify that you need watch repair.

The crown and stem may become detached, leading to serious problems. If they become damaged, these parts need to be replaced. 

8. If you are leaving for a vacation

While on vacation, you may expose your watch to magnetization at the airport security scanners. It can also be susceptible to water, salt, and chlorine at the beach or pool. To ensure that your watch is in top shape before leaving, visit a service center to have it checked. Furthermore, it is good to check your watch’s water resistance, inspect for magnetization, and have pins or screws tightened. These minor adjustments can be made quickly at jewelry service centers within your location.

Key Takeaway

Watch out for the tell-tale signs mentioned above to guide you when it’s time to take your precious investment for repair. 
It’s a big risk to search online for repair procedures on ways to fix a watch by yourself. It may help you with some cost savings but it can cause more damage if not done correctly. So, if you want your time piece to be handled with the utmost care, visit and inquire about their services and their pool of repair specialists.

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