7 Reasons Why Buying a Senior Citizen Health Insurance Is A Must

Your parents take the best care of you when you are young and then when they become old, it is your turn to look after them. You may not be able to be with them at all times, but ensuring they remain healthy and happy is an easy task to do. You can achieve this by buying a good senior citizen health insurance plan. There are many benefits you and your elderly parents get with a senior health policy. From getting the best health care facilities when needed to saving tax, many benefits are indeed available. Read on to know more about why buying the best senior citizen health insurance plan is a complete must.

  1. Takes care of health –
    The biggest reason why buying a senior citizen health insurance plan is a must is that it assures your beloved senior stay healthy at all times. As we all know, with age, the health of a person begins to fail and becomes fragile. This is why a senior citizen requires frequent and high-quality medical care. Sadly, the medical expenses have gone up a lot these days and many people cannot afford to get treated at the best of hospitals. If you don’t want your parents to face such issues, get good health insurance cover for them. With health insurance in place, they can get the treatment they need, without having to worry about the affordability factor.
  2. Protects finances –
    In the case of a medical emergency, a senior citizen cannot be left unattended. In the absence of a health plan, all the savings of the person or his or her children can get exhausted if the hospital stay lasts for long. However, if there is a health insurance plan in place, the insurance provider will pay the bill and the personal finances of the policyholder and his/her family will remain protected. This is another reason why everyone should consider getting a senior health insurance policy.
  3. Helps to save tax –
    Under Section 80 D of the Indian Income Tax Act, you can get a tax rebate of up to INR 50,000 a year when you pay the premium of a senior citizen health insurance plan. This is a very handy tax benefit and another reason why you should invest in a good senior citizen mediclaim policy.
  4. Easy to buy –
    It has become very easy these days to buy health insurance. The same holds true for senior health plans as well. You can go online and buy a senior citizen medical insurance plan in just a few minutes. A vast majority of these plans do not ask the prospector to undergo a health test, so the process becomes even simpler. You need not subject your elderly parents to complicated medical tests just to get them health insurance. This is another beneficial reason why you should get such medical coverage for your parents if you have not done so already.
  5. Comprehensive health care –
    The health insurance plans designed for the senior citizens of the country are truly comprehensive. Under such a plan, wholesome and comprehensive lists of covers are available. For instance, there is in-patient care for all hospitalisation costs. These include room rent, nursing fees, physician fees, pharmacy fees, surgery and ICU costs, etc. Then, many seniors need to undergo daycare procedures and these covers are also included. Domiciliary care, which is an essential type of care for the aged people, is also found in the senior citizen health insurance plan. Other covers such as pre and post-hospital care are included in the best senior citizen health insurance plans in India.
  6. Ambulance cover –
    If your parents live alone, they will need maximum assistance at the time of a medical emergency. To have an ambulance cover to take your parents to the hospital when needed is a huge benefit. The senior citizen health plans also offer ambulance covers which are indeed very advantageous.
  7. Mental peace –
    And last but not least, you get a lot of mental peace when your parents are covered under the best senior citizen health insurance plan. With this insurance cover in place, you can guarantee that in the event of an emergency, they will have access to the best of facilities and medical care. This is one of the greatest reasons why buying a senior citizen health insurance plan is a must.

Whether you are looking to buy health insurance for your parents, or as a senior citizen you yourself want to cover your health, go for a good senior health plan. Fortunately, there are some excellent options available from most of the leading health insurance providers in India. Run a quick comparison between all the available plans and then see which option is best suited. If you have a senior citizen you love a lot, insure his or her health at the earliest and keep your loved ones healthy and happy at all times.

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