7 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Psychiatry

When you’re looking for a medical career, finding the right field and profession is the hardest task you’ll have to take on. After all, switching paths in too severe a way halfway through your career can be an incredibly difficult process. If you want to work in a field that will keep you satisfied, rich, and professionally engaged, few fields have as many benefits to offer you as psychiatry does. Here are just seven of the key reasons that you should consider pursuing a career in psychiatry: 

1. The Amazing Earning Potential 

Did you know that the average yearly salary for psychiatrists in the United States is higher than $250,000 annually? If you’re looking for a medical job that does not require being on your feet 24/7, while still giving you the ability to make an incredibly high salary, psychiatry is one of the absolute best fields available to you. That being said, the salary you can expect will vary depending on factors such as your experience, geographic location, specialty, and the type of clients that you serve. 

2. Workplace and Expertise Flexibility 

Psychiatrists are needed in every facet of American life (whether we’re talking about professional, public, or private settings). Keeping people’s mental health in a stable, liveable state is one of the most important tasks medical professionals handle in today’s America, and psychiatrists have always been on the front lines of this essential task. Due to this quality, you’re able to have insane flexibility in regards to where you work, and with what type of clients you work with. If you want a medical job where you can follow your professional dreams, the psychiatry field is perfect for your goals. 

3. Opening Your Practice is a Real Possibility 

More so than with most other medical specialties, psychiatry is performed in a way that actively encourages forming a private practice. If you’re looking for a career path where you’ll gain the skills, capital, and experience needed to ensure you can make your practice a reality, psychiatry can get you to the finish line. There are still many obstacles set up between you and this ultimate dream, but if you want a strong chance of making yourself the boss of your practice, this is a solid path to consider. 

4. Job Outlook Has Remained Strong 

When looking at job statistics put out by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics jobs in the psychiatry field are expected to grow by upwards of 11% between now and 2030. It’s been rare that the profession has not seen noticeable salary increases every single year, so if you want a job with not only strong job security but clear upward mobility (both in terms of your professional role and salary), becoming a psychiatrist is the perfect option. Since you will not have to constantly worry about how safe your job is, you’ll gain the ability to enjoy both your professional and personal life to a much, much higher degree. 

5. Perfecting Your Communication Skills 

Few jobs can fine-tune your ability to communicate with the world around you in the same way that a psychiatrist job can. If you want to ensure that you can help people in your life, both in and out of the office, this job can train you to do just that. Once again, psychiatry is a field that promotes health and prosperity in both your professional and personal life (which is a top reason that many people find themselves attracted to the field in the first place). In a post-covid world, this perk has become especially important. 

6. The Chance to Save Lives 

Saving lives remains one of the absolute top reasons why people pursue medical careers. Psychiatry allows you to do so in a particularly complex, and incredibly needed manner. Especially as mental health issues become a more pressing issue in American life, and more people are finally seeking the help they need, new psychiatrists are saving more lives than ever before. 

7. The Field is Actively Evolving 

Because the psychiatry field is seeing a major boom in the last two decades, the science, practical theories, and technologies that support the practice have been seeing an intensely boosted evolution. If you want to work in a cutting-edge field, where you can make your mark as someone who truly helps to define the future of the medical field you’re working in, psychiatry is one of the absolute best fields you can pursue. 

Here’s to an exciting, Worthwhile Career in Psychiatry 

If you are ready to begin a dream career, psychiatry is waiting for you to embrace it. The number of scholarships and support programs out there to help train the world’s newest psychiatrists is hard to overstate, so you’ll have support along your journey. To begin your journey, you simply need to follow your heart and remain ready for a perfect career where you can continuously save lives. 

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